Weinstein lawyers: Impossible for him to get fair trial

Weinstein lawyers: Impossible for him to get fair trial 1


Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's lawyers tell CNN's Jean Casarez it isn't possible for him to get a fair trial after Weinstein was convicted of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree involving one woman and rape in the third degree involving another.

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  1. So what are they saying?? That he shoulda just got away with it??

    • Katrina Marie Barracuda Babette.93 | February 25, 2020 at 12:51 PM | Reply

      @Mar y Sol Oh, Now Who’s Getting Angry And Triggered? Exclamation Point In Your Reply? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    • Katrina Marie Barracuda Babette.93 | February 25, 2020 at 1:27 PM | Reply

      @Mar y Sol Nothing Else To Say? I’m Surprised At You.

    • @Katrina Marie Barracuda Babette.93 Again sweetie, I’m not going to waste my time with going back and forth with your stupidity. You’re a loser and a coward! You bring nothing of knowledge to the debate here hun. You’re pie hole condemns you hahahahahaha. Along with your feeble mind of yours hahahahaha. Thank you for the laughs though hun. Your a joke hahahahaha of a human being. Get out here with your BS. You’re no competition here. TROLL!😛

    • @Katrina Marie Barracuda Babette.93 Oh, one more thing, I’ll say it again you flunked English classless in school. Take a course to touch it it up. Take many courses hahahahaha.

  2. He gonna ditch that walker real quick now.

    • Domepeace_ltd productions | February 25, 2020 at 9:09 AM | Reply

      he’s going to the medical ward where he’ll be pampered till the end. what a life he lived…rose mccgowan in her prime!

    • Ah, you mean to tell me that ‘aint real? Poor man……………………may he rot in prison the dirty Pervert, thank you ladies and gentlemen who put that scum bag behind bars! Where he belongs after all those poor women he took advantage of…..for years!

    • @Domepeace_ltd productions noice

  3. Dorian Shades of gray | February 25, 2020 at 8:30 AM | Reply

    How long before we start saying Weinstein didn’t kill himself

    • Brilliant Hooligans | February 25, 2020 at 4:43 PM | Reply

      @Scott Baxendale Weirdo.

    • A costume and badge would’ve gotten him probation

    • Just transfer it to the 9th district. Maybe Berman can fit him in on her calendar.

    • My Goddess Shasta | February 25, 2020 at 7:38 PM | Reply


      First off I never said they weren’t friends but that ended and not on good terms.
      You stated that Trump said
      “He’s a great guy *BECAUSE* he has young girls around him”.
      So ridiculously stupid to shape a narrative like that. Wow.
      Transcript’s….that’s *TWO in links below of the actual conversation and what he *actually said*
      Even cnn…Jesus you people are nutty

      *Lawyers for the victims of Epstein stated he credits Donald Trump for building a case against Epstein*



      Then he *BANNED* Epstein from Mar-A-Lago after an incident with a young girl.

      You guys really need to do some research before you go off on an obsessed Trumpy rant lol

      During the election⏬
      Nobody has called Epstein out like this.
      Especially democrats.

      *Trump mentions Epstein’s upcoming arrest*

      *How did Trump know Epstein was getting arrested AGAIN before any of us know and before he became president*
      *Because he was either helping law enforcement or he had inside info*
      Like the lawyer of Epstein’svictims stated


      *Copy and pasting because you leftards….democunts are completely stupid so I’m not wasting my time typing out another comment and another*
      *you’ll just stroke each other’s conspiracies*
      *like good little weak minded sheep*

      Entertain us with more stupidity

  4. Johngamer 1992 | February 25, 2020 at 8:30 AM | Reply

    he never treated them fair, so its no surprise

  5. looking forward to the “Weinstein, California!” sequel.

  6. He looks like such a coward with that walker.

    • Allosaurus Fragilis | February 25, 2020 at 2:47 PM | Reply

      Speaking as someone who has to use one and a wheelchair, it looks like a clear effort to gain sympathy. I might add, people are generally pretty nice to you when youre in a chair, so that is probably why he suddenly needed a frame. Weve seen this at trials before. Hard not to be cynical.

    • Emperor Kim Jong-un | February 25, 2020 at 5:02 PM | Reply

      @Mar y Sol You just confirmed he’s a womanizer who knows how to get laid, thanks for proving my point

    • @Emperor Kim Jong-un Your elevator doesn’t go all the way up hun! It figures you didn’t understand what I meant in my comment. Your feeble mind needs mental help! So sad 🤷.

    • @Janet Licastro Yep, and grotesque to the max. That’s why he did what he did. Not even his wife could stay with him. 😊👍✌️.

  7. Talmar Patterson | February 25, 2020 at 8:43 AM | Reply

    It’s not fair because of money and fame that his fake acting behind isn’t hold too the same moral code law that I would have to face if I did what he did !!!

    • @David Butler How much does Russia pay you for your stupidity? Also, CNN thanks you for your SUPPORT in your viewing. Don’t say you just dropped by to see what CNN is saying. That logic is burned out.

    • Mar y Sol Whatever parallel mental box you live in good luck in life loser. You can probably earn more rubles by working a shittier job in mother Russia.😁 Take care comrade death to Puttin.

  8. He got a fair trial, and it’s more than all his victims got after decades of silencing them through a rigged system that stole their justice. The jury took great pains here to be fair. They deliberated for 5 days and erred on the side of Weinsten with 3 other charges they didn’t believe. He’s onto more charges in CA next. His crimes are so endless, for so long, this man will NEVER see daylight again. The only question, WHEN WILL EPSTEIN’s ACCOMPLICES SEE JUSTICE? THERE WERE 100s.

  9. That piece of crap deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail.

  10. Attorneys like these are cancer 😂

    • Why? Please elaborate. BTW, most peopel say that…until they need a lawyer. THEN, they change their tune. The ysuddenly WANT the most ruthless snake of a lawyer alive…..NOW DO YOU SEE WHY YOUR POST WAS UTTERLY DUMB AND IGNORANT ???

  11. Martell Sharpe | February 25, 2020 at 9:00 AM | Reply

    Lol I’m sure Bill Cosby feel the same way.

  12. John Edward Jones | February 25, 2020 at 9:01 AM | Reply

    Defense attorneys are paid to say, ” impossible to get fair trial: as they move forward and on to trial in LA….
    Thanks to women that spoke out, Ronan and others that have contributed to Weinstein being outed.

    • Never ask a feminist to give an objective stance on ANY situation. They’re incapable of putting their feelings aside.

    • John Edward Jones | February 25, 2020 at 2:30 PM | Reply

      @In CogNito You are an idiot! I take some classes and get counseling. Such a dumb insensitive statement.

    • @John Edward Jones – huh ??? you made no sense.

    • John Edward Jones | February 25, 2020 at 4:49 PM | Reply

      @Pete Pan 36 people got it Pete..Keep rereading it. May sink in.

    • John Edward Jones | February 25, 2020 at 5:00 PM | Reply

      @In CogNito Dont think Ambra Battilana was ” a feminist”. Just wanted to be successful model. Harvey sexually abused her. She wore a wire. Think there are two recordings. Broke her $1M NDA to bring Harvey to justice. Said in recent interview she felt great. Smiled for 20hrs or something similar.

  13. Richard Ralph Roehl | February 25, 2020 at 9:03 AM | Reply

    Weinstein has finally reaped the karma that he so much deserves. Let him rot in Rikers!

    • he getting that thuggin lovin

    • Personally I think it’s all part of the entertainment industry. Sleeping with the man who can make or break your career is all part of the instrustry. So now calling it rape is disingenuous. It’s like it’s ok when it served you but as soon as it’s no longer served you then it’s rape. Come on….is it really that bad? We all sleep around so we can get what we want and that’s part of life. Just like the young lady who married the old man so she can get his money and wealth. Do you really think that the young lady really love the old man? Don’t you think that the young lady would rather married the young handsome guy? It’s all about the money, the wealth, the power and what you are willing to offer or sacrifice to get it.

    • Leeanne Bishop | February 25, 2020 at 4:13 PM | Reply


    • Nomore Illegals please | February 25, 2020 at 9:31 PM | Reply

      @Leeanne Bishop President Trump is your daddy for the next 5 years, Be nice or be miserable misery monger.

  14. clean blacc sneakas | February 25, 2020 at 9:09 AM | Reply

    All of a sudden fairness is a factor .when he was assaulting women he wasn’t thinking about fairness.

    • Oluwadamilola Sowemimo | February 25, 2020 at 2:39 PM | Reply

      @In CogNito You don’t have to display your ignoramus self by injecting politics into this, mkay?

    • @Oluwadamilola Sowemimo And you don’t have to be so easily offended, m’kay? This is CNN. If you’re trying to avoid politics, you should probably find your safe space

    • @clean blacc sneakas So you’re suggesting that justice shouldn’t act fairly? Do you understand how ridiculous that sounds? Justice isn’t “fairness”. It’s “justice”. Justice abides by LAWS, not FEELINGS. This will be very difficult for you to comprehend

    • clean blacc sneakas | February 25, 2020 at 4:23 PM | Reply

      @In CogNito your philosophy is just that. Harvey is a rapist and he is going to rikers ..you sound suspect as hell. Fairness is balance hence the scales .you people are sick.

  15. His fellow inmates will ensure justice. They love sex offenders.🤦🏼‍♀️

  16. Impossible for him to receive a fair trial? How about it’s impossible for those women to get that time in their lives back?

  17. Hope he gets life. Hell after.
    And his lawyers are nearly as vile as Harvey, the victim, himself.

  18. Marco Rossainz | February 25, 2020 at 9:30 AM | Reply

    And if the trial had been fair, he would have been sent to life in prison

  19. “He couldn’t possibly get a fair trial, with all the nasty stuff he did that people knew about”
    Cry me a river, defense attorneys.
    The criminal justice system has been acquitting rapists just because the accused made claims that he didn’t do it for decades and decades. Did she wear a short skirt? Had she had a little too much to drink? Did he claim it was all consensual and she told him she wanted to try “rough stuff”?
    Had she gone somewhere she “shouldn’t go”? Had she done something stupid?
    Then acquit, acquit, acquit.
    He says “it wasn’t RAPE rape”

    • All of the things you listed…..amount to “REASONABLE DOUBT” in most rape trials…..so you did a bang-up job of defeating your own warped diatribe…..And YES, women do need to be held to account for their OWN behavior as well. THAT is equality. It IS what you wanted ,right ??? Or is today Little Red Riding Hood Pigtail Day ???

    • @Pete Pan but drinking to much doesn’t make it ok TO RAPE SOMEONE! You shouldn’t have to worry to get raped just by going somewhere with him. If that is the case he should be locked up under secure conditions forever because he then obviously is a danger for the public, especially women. That is a shitty defense that he is such a monster that a women should know she will get raped by him when they are alone. Come on…

  20. Jeffrey A. Smith | February 25, 2020 at 10:30 AM | Reply

    Women beware;
    “Hey, it’s late. I’m not in my office. Swing by my 15 million estate and we’ll discuss your career”.

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