‘We’re badly divided’: Charest vows to unify Canada and Conservative Party

'We're badly divided': Charest vows to unify Canada and Conservative Party 1


    1. Thats softly put . But he should of stay there. Deep down in the darkness of that rock shadow and never come back .

  1. You are a “hyphenated conservative”. That will NEVER change now! Don’t waste your money or anyones else’s!!
    Hey Charest I’ve got an idea, since you keep flip flopping in political parties why don’t you join the NDP? They’ll be looking for a new leader soon enough!! Maybe, just maybe Bob Rae will join you??

    1. @Gunk Wretch Spoken like a true easterner. What are the liberals, then? Oh yeah, the most corrupt party to ever dictate over Canada.

  2. Maybe Justin will resign and you could run for the liberals too. So disappointed that you would even concider running.

  3. One of the most divisive PM in QC’s history as a solution to Canada’s division, MAKES SENSE….duhhuhuuhhhh

  4. Liberal , turncoat, send him away having him as a leader will result in another liberal government.

  5. No thanks – the last thing that the Conservatives need right now is an old, tired, recycled Liberal…

  6. Right, so your last run in government was the liberal party of Quebec when you were premiere and now your a conservative? Sounds a little flippy floppy.

    1. Quebec political parties are mostly conservative leaning. Charest was also in the conservative party prior to being PM of Quebec.

    2. @EB A either way, he’s went conservative to liberal and now back. Can’t be a “conservative liberal” just because your in Quebec.

    1. I don’t think anyone could prevent a divide in the party. because half the party wants a hard right wing leader (like PP or leslyn lewis) and the other half wants to actually win. The modern conservative party is a mutant monster held together by the fact that Harper could win. Once you remove the ability to win (because harper made the conservative brand completely toxic to most of the country), that mutant monster tears itself apart since much of the party doesn’t really agree on most things.

    2. @That Guy Yeah, it really tells you about the madness of the CPC base that both Sheer and O’Toole could only win seats in the West, yet they are still looking forward to Poilievre who will do just that! I guess they really like the opposition benches.

  7. Messed up in quebec. One day he is liberal the next a conservative. He should maybe try for Singh job.

    1. @Lincoln Lawyer  extreme right, whatever kid.
      there no extreme right conservatives running for PM

  8. His career as Quebec Premier ended with one of the biggest crisis the province had seen in decades. He didn’t care about students and they voted him out. Canada need better than that, someone focus on fixing issues, not creating them.

  9. claims he wants to adress issues. but then never actually addresses an issue. typical politician double speak. get rid of this type of garbage politics.

  10. If only the rest of Canada knew what his failed political past is….. they would laugh all Day long… unite…. yeah thats what he did while being leader in Québec (not)

  11. I’m not a conservative but I’m running as a conservative said every conservative leader…prove me wrong.

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