‘We’re being politicized by outside forces’: GOP strategist

'We're being politicized by outside forces': GOP strategist 1


Avis Jones Deweever and Cory Crowley break down the chaotic scene in America as the U.S. election remains too close to call.


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7 Comments on "‘We’re being politicized by outside forces’: GOP strategist"

  1. There’s a whole long list of voting sites that have committed voter fraud.

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  3. Dunno Trump: I will be back in 2024

  4. mrodriguezmerc | November 4, 2020 at 7:31 PM | Reply

    You know what. All these accusations of voter fraud remind me of the “2nd Brexit referendum” hoopla a while ago. But, I guess it’s only valid when it agrees with your views.

  5. They are not the only ones being manipulated by outside forces.

  6. MSM and clueless pundits.

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