1. It didn’t start with gas chambers. It started with one party controlling the media, controlling the message, deciding what truth was, censoring speech and silencing the opposition. It started with one party dividing citizens into “us” and “them” and then calling on their supporters to harass “them”. It started when good people turned a blind eye and let it happen.

    1. @Norma Stone There’s a thing called the immune system. I think Darwin would side with those who chose nature and natural selection. Of course you’re the smartest idiot in the Democratic party. I wish you well

    2. @AvariceKova
      I really don’t mind if you don’t get vaccinated. In fact, I’d prefer that you didn’t. Happy trails!!

    1. Yup. And they love to scream about progressive democracy is somehow both socialism AND communism without realizing they’re repeating the Nazi party all over again.

    2. @Matrxmonky Why do people like you associate a system built on atrocities done to a culture to a democracy in which you can freely live by laws THAT THE MAJORITY AGREES ON.

    3. @MR. MAÑ yes New York, LA, Chicago, Atlanta you know lib shitholes, luckily you have Republican based fireman to put out the flames

  2. Never forget: “Stand back, stand by.”

    “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R congressmen”

  3. From the outside looking in, he may not be POTUS anymore but he’s still (by way of his mindless minions) making America look like a laughing stock trying to become a fascist state where truth ceases to matter.

    1. @Portside if you think the 6th was some form of attack then you are way to sheltered your be fukn w grown folk and have seen nothing at all in your lifetime you whine like a puzzy

    2. @Idgafbout You Why believe my own lying eyes eh? Btw, the only ones who believe you are other rightwing loons. The truth is it’s now tarnished and you’re seen as untrustworthy as a country because of trump….not Biden. At least you admit trump’s “make America great again” slogan was a joke.

  4. Who would have thought being an election official was dangerous. Trump has placed us in a very precarious position. The Trump party has changed laws in Red states to make sure GOP can retain power even when they lose. We are losing our Democracy because of Trump’s criminality.

  5. Finding out the home address of an official who happens to be the mother of two young children to send hateful and threats designed to instill fear for her family’s safety and intimidate her out of her job?
    Real frigging classy. The GOP must be so proud.

    1. @Adam Z. Hardly ever happens. Most if not all death threats directed towards politicians is coming from the right.

    2. @Margaret Wordnerd Read my comment above with the inclusion that if you truly believe Trump idolized Putin and Kim Jong Un for their horrible actions and is as bad as them you seriously need to take a step back, relax, and attempt to open your mind and listen to the Tom Macdonald song I posted above. If you need to smoke up to get there then do what you have to do to overcome the ego/bias to get a clear head. There are *many* Trump supporters that don’t agree with everything he said and did and many called him out for it. If more people were able to overcome their biases and try to act as neutral as possible and call out the good and the bads on both sides while ignoring the lies and division then I’d argue we’d be a much better society. Everyone needs to have friends that they disagree with and actively listen to their viewpoints and at the end of the conversation hug it out despite any disagreement and leave the major polarization to people that need time with a therapist (not all people with therapists are political nuts if your brain wanted to try to spin that last statement). You don’t have to be religious to “love thy neighbor” despite our differences in beliefs as a society.

    3. @Ally Wilke What happened to innocent until proven guilty? There is still ZERO proof that there was any fraud in the election, just one big liar perpetuating A falsehood in such a heinous way that people like you seem willing to commit violence.
      So pathetic

    4. Imagine criminals facing public pressure or scrutiny… Weird, it’s almost like people are sick and tired of the games


    History: deleted
    Phone: yeeted
    Holy water: needed
    _Meat: beated_
    То чувство когда все застыли, а люди сзади идут

    1. @WhiteLivesMatter doesnt seem like it considering rudy gets busted in hotel rooms with questionable women so often and sneaking off to Ukraine so much

  7. Get trump for his lies& let his followers see what happens when you denounce your rights and democracy by telling bold-faced lies.

    1. There would be a LOT of people in jail if they enforced that against people who made threats against Trump’s life.

    2. @The Maestro You really believe the Capitol was attacked by a mob of unarmed civilians in a nation with at least 400 million guns. That doesnt even make sense. It was a mob with some extremists mixed in. You guys have drank way too much coolaid your drunk. A actual attack would of involved more then a days worth of casualtys in chicago on a good day.

    3. @matt p You’re joking rght???!!! Ummm lemme think about that for a min………………..

      Yep they must have meant they are coming for her to buy her a cup of coffee

    4. @StuffBenLikes and theres the whataboutism we were all waiting on . So because a crazy loon threatened trump that makes it ok that thousands of party goers believe in nonsense conspiracy theories and raided the capitol to stop the official proceedings of an election?

  8. This is what happens when we teach our children to “win no matter what.” Trump is trying to win “no matter what.”

  9. When the previous President did it constantly this is to be expected, he gave every single one of them the “okay”.

    The raging party of cognitive dissonance.

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