"We're in a global pandemic": Elizabeth May on why Greens sided with Liberals in confidence vote 1

“We’re in a global pandemic”: Elizabeth May on why Greens sided with Liberals in confidence vote


Green Party Parliamentary Leader Elizabeth May discusses why the party supported the Liberals against the Conservative motion.

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  1. Your vote did’nt make a difference except to find out how low you and your party or whatever it is is concerned about supporting your other colleaugues to finally expose a potentially corrupt government. Namely, your own, Loser.

  2. The theft of billions of taxpayer funds, fiscal mismanagement and rampant corruption is not in Canadians’ interests?
    The scope of corruption in Canada is truly appalling.

    1. That’s the kind of steady, levelheaded thinking that has gotten the Green Party….

      ….precisely nowhere in its entire existence.

    1. gerald werth – Just to be clear the “Common Cold” is from the Rhino Virus Family, Covid 19 is from the Corona Virus ” Flu Family”

  3. Elizabeth May you are now guilty of corruption and must be removed form office alone with all the Liberals and NDP.

    Anyone who voted against a Anti Corruption Committee is guilty of Corruption and needs to be removed form public office.

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