‘We’re Willing To Negotiate,’ Says Biden Official On Covid Relief | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. There are doing budget reconciliation. That takes time to draft then bring it up to the floor for a vote. We also need the vote of that fool Joe Manchin to get the 50 votes for VP Kamala to break the tie. Senator Sinema will vote with us. Relax.

  1. After we worked so hard to give Biden majority, if Biden give power to repugnants do not expect us to make calls, write letters or give grassroots money again. We are not clowns

    1. He doesn’t have the Majority outright. Joe Manchin is the problem. He is pushing for bipartisanship and is holding up progress.

  2. FFS, Democrats! Don’t compromise! Didn’t the election results sent y’all the right message?

    1. @mike briganti,
      Williams made the claim, the burden of proof is on him, and now you.
      People don’t get to make wild claims and then say “prove me wrong.”
      Those are fallacious ‘arguments.’
      But you wouldn’t know that, because you’re stupid.

    2. Yeah, the election gave them 50 Senate seats, with not all of them of the same mind. Negotiation is and will remain necessary, largely because of the election results.

  3. No. Do not negotiate with the republicons. They showed no mercy when it came to pushing their agenda. The Dems now need to return the favor.

  4. Geeze, America, how long can you hold your breath for this $1400? You should be getting that every month.

    1. Lol for real! That’s not even my monthly rent, and you’re talking about 2 more rent checks before it shows up 🤣

    2. @mychloebaby1 hang in there, friend. at least the adults are in charge. the senate will be tough, but the house has already moved on reconciliation, so it’s just a matter of getting manchin and sinema on board.

    1. @Eric Arthur blair It was 2000 total, and he specifically described the 600 from the previous package as a down payment on that 2000.

    1. I promise you he WILL back down and not to the Republicans… but to the fat cat donors who are calling the shots.

  5. You don’t “negotiate” on what’s right to do. You don’t “negotiate” on something 70% of Americans want. Joe Biden should want a legacy of action, not compromise.

    1. @nooks12 hes already backing down, hes willing to give the checks to only a fraction of americans, leaving out he struggling middle class.

    2. You do negotiate if you need to in order to make something happen. Frankly, the insinuation that negotiation is necessarily bad is a problem in and of itself.

  6. Those of us that may have made $140000 as a couple in 2019 still have been put in the same financial situation as those making less money.
    And therefore still need stimulus money just as those that Biden is still targeting.
    We also voted for him based on his promises.

  7. When Trump passed a tax cut for the wealthy the Republicans remained silent and congratulated him in the rose garden. Now that it’s time to help Americans they have a problem with spending. It’s time for Democrats to grow a set of balls and do the right thing.

  8. Beware the forked tongue Republicans. These are the bad faith negotiators who made 188 changes to the Affordable Care Act and then did not cast a single vote for the greatly weakened bill.

  9. There is absolutely no need to negotiate with Republicans. Republicans have no intentions of providing 10 Republican votes for Biden’s COVID bill.

    1. @David Goldman Stop with the gibberish, children are go hungry, people don’t have a roof over their heads, who cares about what you call fraudulent without proof from a credible source to post.

    2. @X2 GI was on the news, the lady in calif who oversees unemployment relief admitted there New systems had issues and that over 20 billion and counting gave money to fraudulent sources- she said it, just repeating what she said—gibberish yeah right so needy people without and 20 billion to people that should not have got it. what is wrong with you

    3. @X2 GI CA EDD admits paying as much as 31 billion to scammers, very easy to find pal! how much could 31 billion have helped people—–stop with your ignorance

    1. So where are your facts to confirm your statement? Or did you just run into a building and yell fire to get attention?

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