Westmoreland Teen Kills 6 Yr. Old in Jamaica | TVJ News – May 18 2021

Juveniles running afoul of the law, an issue which the police say has been plaguing Westmoreland, Jamaica with the latest incident being that of a 15 y-o who shot and killed a 6 y-o.

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  1. The police officer says glorification of having a Gun and doing crime. Let me say what he was afraid to say . THE MUSIC WEH DI YUTE DEM A LISTEN !! A it cause this . Poverty is apart of it but the music amplifies it !!

    1. People either nuh see it or don’t want to admit it. Smaddy soon attack you a say “weh music do”. Jamaicans don’t want to admit that artistes are influencers too cuz them a say them home suppose to teach them better like say young people nuh susceptible to herd mentality when them see any trend a gwaan

    2. @scotty 123 Kids a listen to music more than dem parents . Gun songs are arguably the Top Songs in JA. Youngsters and the uneducated are easily influenced but these Gun songs. Dem have countries poorer than JA and have nowhere near our Crime Rate. JAMAICANS ARE WE REALLY GOING TO DEFEND GUN SONGS AT THE EXPENSE OF LIVES ?? Uno really ago mek this gwaan so u can hol a vibez inna di party an Buss blank ?

    1. ….
      Not super religious
      But doesn’t the bible say faith without work is dead?

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