WH Chief Of Staff Ron Klain On Biden’s Next Legislative Priorities | MSNBC

With Covid relief out of the way, Congress is free to pursue other parts of President Biden’s agenda. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain joins NBC’s Mehdi Hasan to peel back the curtain on how the Biden administration plans to pass progressive legislation despite the Senate filibuster. Aired on 03/15/2021.
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WH Chief Of Staff Ron Klain On Biden’s Next Legislative Priorities | MSNBC


  1. Bipartisanship I a terrific goal, but Republicans will never or towards it. They brag about their resistance. Be pragmatic and accomplish some legislation.

    1. Their base loves it too, even when it screws them just as bad. They have a fake reality where they can be sold ANYTHING by their POS politicians/TRAITORS.

    2. @Wally Censorship that’s because almost everything Trump did was a horrible idea. The only good thing that he did was make animal cruelty a federal crime.

    3. Let´s hope Biden administration will not start leaning on the things they have accomplish and keep pushing on. Currently it seems they still think they can work to bring republicans on the table. Strange that when republicans were in majority they did not bother to work with democrats. How long will you turn the other cheek? 😀

    1. Tickle Down Economics
      Trickle Down Economic
      Trickle Down Economi
      Trickle Down Econom
      Trickle Down Econo
      Trickle Down Econ
      Trickle Down Eco
      Trickle Down Ec
      Trickle Down E
      Trickle Down
      Trickle Dow
      Trickle Do
      Trickle D

    2. Almost every idea that a Republican president has had in the past century has been a terrible idea with disturbing consistency. It’s like they are actually trying to sabotage the government.

      Trickle down economics
      Removing solar panels from the White House roof
      The war on drugs
      Invading Iraq
      Painting the White House camouflage to hide it from Soviet bombers
      Building a border wall
      Kidnapping migrant children
      And the list goes on.

    3. @GusCraft460 Thank you for your observations.

      ‘It’s like they are actually trying to sabotage the government.’

      Trying? For years my perception has gradually become of an.appropriating cabal (ironic term for an entity whose name ‘Republican’ means, ‘affirming in common the people’s things’), under cover and color as a political party, jettisoning purported principles to appropriate power (from whatever source its intrusive partisans can inveigle) to dismantle government as being an impediment to its partisans’ nefarious aspirations. These are not Republicans, whatever their disguises. Such are, in causes and effects, institutional anarchists.

      Trying? Methinks we slowly may be awakening to how close these have come, and still would come and are coming.

      I have a neighbor who may be onto something good and beneficial who says we should elect Republicans locally and others federally and nationally.

      Having Republicans in local offices may make it easier for everyone, Republican, Democrat, independent, or alienated, to keep an eye on them.

    4. Poor people don’t either. When they invented his idea my poorly educated, over worked , from back in the boonies father just shook his head.

    1. Nina Johnson
      I have several questions. Did anyone force those working on the bottom to take a job and working for what the employer told them their starting pay would be?
      Did they ask about pay increases? Were they told that as the company grew they would share in the profits? You also assume that all people put out 100% productivity when working.
      That is a myth. Would individuals finance situation be better if they made more intelligent decisions instead of blaming their employer ? The economy also shrinks from the bottom up.
      Loss in merchandise, employees calling out or not showing up, bad customer service at the counter, spending more talking time than actual working, playing games or on the phone
      while on the clock. The growth of the economy goes both ways. Employer and employee. The more Government gets involved with Businesses the fewer jobs, benefits, hours,
      and opportunities there are. No doubt those who run businesses are in it for profit and keeping as much of THEIR money as they can. No one forces anyone to work for them.

    2. @Alex Hamilton no but we are forced to work. You act like there’s a universal income or we won’t starve to death if we don’t work. If they aren’t forced to pay enough they won’t. Period. Nobody should work full time and still need food stamps or most other government benefits. The fact that we have so many working people in poverty is the problem.

      If your employees aren’t working hard, replace them. Instead of 2 at min wage maybe you should pay 1 more. Keep in mind that your life experience isn’t necessarily similar to other people’s. I’m not a working parent, so I have no idea how tough that is when childcare can cost as much as a mortgage.

      And you say government shouldn’t be involved, but government is already involved when they don’t let big companies go bankrupt. The car bailout, the wall street bailout, even all the big businesses that begged for covid relief… how come individuals have to have a rainy day fund but these big businesses don’t?

    3. @Alex Hamilton “did anyone force them to take a job”

      Well the alternative would be starving to death, so their options were work or die, which isn’t really much of a choice. So yes, they were forced to take a job. Unemployment benefits have all kinds of requirements like you have to take the first job offer you get, so the one forcing them to work is the government. And most entry level job positions for unskilled labor do pay minimum wage, because why would the executives pay these easy to replace workers more than they have to.

    4. @n k so someone stuck a gun to your head and forced you to work for someone who just pays you minimum wage? That is funny. I figured it was your choice. You decide to apply for jobs. You have the right to ask your perspective employer at the interview about benefits, pay, pay raises,
      opportunities for advancement. If you apply for a job at a fast food as a cashier or a burger flipper it is pretty silly to expect $15.00 per hour only working 20 hours a week.

    1. So republicans want Biden to do interview with the enemy as they call the press? And then if interview goes well they’ll say the questions we’re all softball, whatever, you people make zero sense.

    1. Mel K
      he asked the man easy democrat questions. How else would the man reply? He actually apologized for asking some of the questions LOL

    2. @Fouad Ibrahim I haven’t read many credible comments on Mehdi. The questioning was typical. He really didn’t press Klain. He apologizes for asking some questions. I have NEVER heard a reporter apologize for asking any question to a Republican. No matter how stupid the question is.

    3. @Alex Hamilton there’s so much pressing you can do when you have only 13 minutes with a plethora of topics to cover. But judging from the comments under the video, majority were impressed with his straightforwardness and relevant questioning. I even saw fanboys of the chief of staff disappointed in his response to the filibuster question. For more on Mehdi and why he’s touted as a tough interviewer check out Ajazeera head to head ,. Ajazeera Upfront , intelligence squared debates etc. If you’re active on twitter take a look at his pinned tweet.

  2. The new Voting Rights Act passed in the House has now been stopped in the Senate by the filibuster so we are being governed by the minority again. When will the majority ever be allowed to govern with our dysfunctional so called Democracy?

    1. @A T I would agree with splitting the largest states, even Texas. And I’d say combine a couple of the states that have fewer than a million people into bigger states. That’s what I mean by reapportioning, so we’re mostly on the same page. Just needs to be more fair distribution of power based on people instead based on land mass.

    2. There is four bills setting in the Senate again, for the PEOPLE BILLS… Again Moscow Mitch blocking them….They are trying to force a change to filibuster…they think they have a chance of turning it back around in 2022..with the vote changing laws….President Biden is not going to stand for it, not when 70% of ALL AMERICANS want the bills to pass…Senator Manchin is playing a dangerous game, with his fence votes…He will be the most hated Senator in Washington, by all Parties…if he does not stop…..I can say that because he is my Senator, and have voted for him for years…But never again…..

    3. @n k or just put the Carolinas together, or the two Virginias. But there’s also no reason that we have to have 50 states. Why not add DC, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam and have 54 states, which fits a 6×9 grid pattern, so the flag wouldn’t even change that much. Alternatively, the citizens of DC could be given Maryland residency so that they can be represented in congress through the state of Maryland.

    1. @Alex Hamilton Thank you for you reply. Hunh? Competence, civility, congeniality, and disagreement are monopoly of leftists whether minions or whatever other kinds?

    2. @Tommy Thompson Congress is actually trying to take back war powers from the president and repeal the Iraq and 9/11 war declarations. This would significantly limit our involvement in the conflicts in the Middle East. And the Biden White House is working with congress. They agree that the office of the president shouldn’t have war powers like it currently does.

    1. * The new Biden is the Biden he’s always been. So, the Bernie & Warren angle is horse pucky. Pulled that out his ear.
      * The Senate makes their own rules. Again.
      * Crisis! Crisis! Crisis! Trump? Is that you?
      Just because somebody speaks aggressively, loud, challenging, and interrupting does not mean that they’re a good interviewer.
      p.s. I do not read comments to my posts.

    2. For me, Maddow and Velshi who both ask questions without being combative. Hassan should remember what happened to Dr. Jason Johnson THE ONLY time he ever “overreached “.

    3. Spurs International I have higher expectations on interviewers, reporters, journalist and propagandist.

  3. Absolutely loving Mehdi holding Biden admin accountable! I was always a fan of his journalism since his days in Al Jazeera. His interviewing technique has always been pleasant to watch in Al Jazeera UpFront and Head to Head. His debating skills are excellent and makes him for an impeccable interviewer in terms of no softballs being tossed and holding his guests to the point of the questions being asked. I am glad MSNBC made his show regular on Sundays.

  4. I remember the days back home when Mehdi used to appear on Question Time with David Dimbleby and he was very argumentative and opinionated there but knowledgeable of the facts- I see he has not mellowed.

  5. If they insist on keeping the filibuster, at lease make doing it more painful for those who invoke it. Let’s see all those old white guys sit for hours and days with their silly filibuster.

    1. @Laurent Saint-Laurent yes and he is out of line abusing the filibuster, one of many reasons filibuster is not working fairly anymore….gop abuse it

  6. I so hope Medhi will not sell his Soul to being “politically correct” as the others, everyone, on the national Media does.

  7. Trickle Down Economics doesn’t work. Forty years have proven that. We need to build our economy from the bottom up.

  8. When you think about it, Biden is practically the most experienced President that the USA has ever had and it’s showing.

  9. For Democrats and democracy to survive in 2020 or in the future, we need HR1. To get HR1, we need to get rid of (or modify?) filibuster. It’s the crunch time, Mr Biden.

    1. I think he has to be evasive as Biden’s proxy, but I also think he and Biden likely support ditching the filibuster. Biden is wise not to get ahead of that cart, in my opinion.

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