WH Sr. Advisor For COVID Response Team: Cases Drop 'Could Be Misleading' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

WH Sr. Advisor For COVID Response Team: Cases Drop ‘Could Be Misleading’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Hallie Jackson is joined by White House Senior Advisor the COVID response team Andy Slavitt. Slavitt warns of the impending threat of the U.K variant, saying "we should be assuming that the next wave of case growth" will be related to that particular strain. Aired on 02/15/2021.
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WH Sr. Advisor For COVID Response Team: Cases Drop 'Could Be Misleading' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. Giretto Outlaw guess you don’t understand how bills work do you, Biden signed an EO for the stimulus and the house of representatives did work on it.

  1. Yet. Very few people who have gotten the vaccine have gotten covid yet. I’ve gotten covid at least 3 times and even my perfectly healthy 4 year old has gotten it twice. I don’t think they should read too much into how effective the vaccines appear to be just yet.

    1. Many people who get vaccinated will not experience any symptoms or might not get the virus, so it looks like it is working, but we have to continue with safety measures until a certain percentage of the population has been vaccinated. We have just started vaccinations, so we’re still studying how effective it is, but so far there’s good evidence, look at the studies done in Israel.

    2. Franchesca ONeal the vaccine is NOT so you don’t get it, it is when and if you get it the symptoms are less severe just as with the flu vaccines

    1. @PC Principal   Trump relieved himself from his job and responsibility, giving to states the responsibility of the country..lol. He also gave states only a few batches of vaccines and no money/ tools, nor plan of distribution. That’s why we were so behind on vaccinations, but things are moving along now.

    2. @Angel Light we have individual states and representatives for a reason. It’s not up to the federal government to control everything at their level. Different states had different results from COVID. You can’t apply the same rules and mandates among all states. This is basic 7th grade social studies stuff here.

    3. Cases are dropping. Because they stopped testing as they don’t need to spread their fear narrative to win an election.

    1. I agree. That E485K is very troubling wrt antibody escape. I wish I had confidence that all Americans would respond with the non-pharmaceutical interventions. I have been fully vaccinated but keeping my Ivermectin handy.

  2. And how do you release vaccines for kids with just an eua? They’re not little adults. There’s a whole lot you can screw up in a developing prepubescent body that may not be apparent immediately.

    1. It’s a tradeoff. I’m much more worried about the long term damage the virus will do to a child’s body.

  3. Mark my comment: by this fall, we’ll be right back up there again. We’ll spread it around this summer, pretending it’s over; And by fall, we’ll be riddled again…

    1. We need a new flu vaccine every year, because the viruses mutate so much, and the vaccines are a mixture covering more than one variant. We may need to do the same with Covid-19 in years to come.

    2. @Faithless Hound Hopefully, we won’t need to take it every year. I think the virus will eventually become rare, and we might not need to take a vaccine every year. We have to see how this virus will ultimately behave down the line.

    3. The vaccinations will certainly start to curve down the pandemic, it’s already showing good results with the elderly groups.

    4. @Faithless Hound If only people actually stayed home when the virus was first spreading, this could have been isolated and life could have carried on. Now we’re going to be mixing COVID vaccines with th flu shot. And we still don’t know if those with the vaccine can still spread the disease, putting EVERYONE at risk permanently.

  4. Dumb people: “Look the corona is going away!”
    Corona: “Go on….”
    Dumb people: “No more masks! Let’s hit the bars!”
    Corona: “Let’s eat boys!”

    1. @Thomas Dupee people don’t have the liberty to tell me what to do because they don’t want to get sick. Do you disagree?

    2. @MrGallagherm As a Libertarian, I think that we should regulate ourselves so as not to endanger others when there is a present threat, such as an epidemic. In other words, we shouldn’t have to be told. It’s common sense.

    3. @Thomas Dupee and if we don’t regulate ourselves as to not “endanger” other people, then what? I get arrested for not wearing a mask or opening my bar? And who decides who shouldn’t be endangered? As a libertarian

    4. @Thomas Dupee and if doing one thing endangers a group but not doing it endangers another group, who decides what group I can endanger? Rhetorical question, I do…it’s common sense, but also a pretty critical aspect of a free society.

    1. Even more important is how easily the virus can attach to the ACE-2 site. That is why the UK variant, and some of the other variants with mutations in the binding site, are far more virulent.

    1. @D Dog so you think just because you say 1%( 1 being a small number) that it means there is not very many cases or deaths? So 1% is around 3-4 million of the population. That is quite a bit of people, and out that number means there are people still hospitalized, people who will have life long problems, lost limbs, heart problems, and so on. So what kind of point are you trying to make?

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Crunch some of your nunbers and see how many deaths were from wuuufluuu alone with no underlying health or trauma issues. The virus is real just like a bad bout with the flu. The your gonna die fear mongering is nt. You mention long term effects. What are the long term effects of this ??????? There pushing. Thats rite….we dont know cause it hasnt been tested. Crunch some more numders an see how much $$$$$ hosp made off cases, deaths an so forth. Scam demic

  5. I am ade munandar, people of america failures america can not be silent anymore no longer learn to continue america and cannot be in indonesia my children ade munandar really want me ade munandar in america and want to be devoted to their parents their behavior my children in america they will show your

  6. The WHO revised testing guidelines on Biden’s inauguration day to reduce cases and make the vaccine appear effective.
    In addition, total tests have been on a downtrend for about three weeks, for the same reason. Admit you’re being conned before it’s too late.

  7. Thank the lord for the President Trump vaccines!! Biden can’t even distribute the President Trump vaccines.

  8. Misleading is telling people it’s “out of control” when paper after paper after study comes out telling us that there is and was no pandemic. Weird.

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