What A Riot From 1970 Says About Our Political Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC

What A Riot From 1970 Says About Our Political Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


The panel discusses Joe Scarborough's latest WaPo column: 'Trump is destroying the Republican Party. Why won't any of his peers speak up?' and how our current political moment is reminiscent of a riot that happened in 1970. Aired on 09/11/2020.
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What A Riot From 1970 Says About Our Political Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC

92 Comments on "What A Riot From 1970 Says About Our Political Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Trump’s peers don’t speak up because they are compromised! It’s obvious. Trump is compromised! Wake up!

  2. ღSwnsasyღ _ | September 11, 2020 at 9:06 AM | Reply

    They won’t speak up because they care more about having power over this country and it’s people.. They have Trumps cult that they think won’t vote for them.. If they actually weren’t cowards they could deprogram these people!

  3. Joe is a terrific writer and Mika is a brilliant reader and gives such a kick to Joe’s words. You guys are doing the hard and thankless job of authentic journalism so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to your broadcast each day even though I take a break from the news in general as it’s mostly very stressful but you guys help me digest it thanks to your nuances, ethics and discipline to stick to facts.

  4. Truth and morality can only be self-evident when it openly challenges lies and immorality! The Republican party has failed miserably at this!

  5. History repeats itself when you learn nothing from it.

    • Shelley Williams | September 11, 2020 at 11:15 AM | Reply

      America is Looking like Germany 1938, terrifying

    • @Shelley Williams I’m sure that the Germans of the late 1940’s were wishing that they had put up a better fight against those Germans that took the Hitler oath (Führereid) in the 1930’s. It’s quite apparent that the Republicans have taken a Trump oath. The Trump and all of his enablers must be stopped before the world is returned to where it was in 1939 -1945. VOTE BLUE !!!

    • Trevor McKenna-Williams | September 13, 2020 at 2:33 AM | Reply

      @Shelley Williams Fortunately there’s one big difference, America has been a democracy for over 200 years and its deeply embedded in the American Psyche whereas Germany at the time of Hitler had been a Democracy for barely 20.

    • Shelley Williams | September 13, 2020 at 3:02 AM | Reply

      @Borvo I hope very much that you are right

    • Shelley Williams | September 13, 2020 at 3:05 AM | Reply

      @Trevor McKenna-Williams , you know your history better than me, I hope trump doesn’t destroy your democracy

  6. Dear Morning Joe, today is the day to remind people that Trump grifted a quarter of a million dollars from the 9/11 fund that was meant for the victims of this terrible tragedy!

  7. Donald Trump trying to give someone a morality lecture is equivalent to Adolf Hitler giving a lecture on how to preserve life!

    • Ziggy not as much as it should hence Trump.

    • Harold Moore
      No your right, it’s amazing what division and fear can do to people , isn’t it.
      I truly believe that the adults in our country are firmly aware of the consequences and will step up to end this fascist autocrat agenda.

    • Ziggy I hope so. This is nuts.

    • @Ziggy THANK YOU.

    • @Ziggy I truly believe that the american voters will bring this country back under control of a more sane administration, because all of the trumpian factorate and the enablers will be voted out!
      It will be years, maybe decades, before America even considers electing these kind of people to govern them again.
      Hopefully our country, democracy, and moral principles will NEVER have to undergo this insanity again!

  8. Ted Cruz sold his soul when he supported tRump. The man called his wife ugly… I hope his daughters remember this, how low their father will go for political gain..

    • William McDonald | September 12, 2020 at 4:43 PM | Reply

      Bryan, this allegation of Obama officials spying on the Trump campaign has been firmly debunked by the intelligence community in Washington. Trump did not back up these spurious allegations because there was no clear, undisputable evidence that it happened. Also, the Mueller report did reveal a number of incidents with Trump officials who had the desire and opportunity to engage with Russian officials to potentially tarnish Clinton’s reputation. The documentation regarding the Trump Tower meeting in 2016 is a clear example of such actions. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories, but I do appreciate the probing of hard facts without the political hyperbole so prevalent in today’s polarized environment.

    • William McDonald Debunked?? By whom? The Washington Post and CNN? Clearly you are biased. I am not into conspiracy theories either. This is not a conspiracy. It happened.

    • Can you imagine ted cruz being on a short list for the Supremes? Vote Biden Harris

    • Andrew: He also said that his father was an assassin. But it’s forgive and forget when it comes to the winners.

    • @Opinunate ted I’d forgotten about that one, he make so many outrageous comments that reality suffers. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Wow, Woodward will be the only person in history to directly be responsible for exposing two corrupt leaders and contributing to their removal from office. I am talking world history here, not just US history. I can not think of another individual that has ever exposed and deposed two national leaders in their life.

    • Ironic that as a teenager, I was witness to Woodward’s efforts, with Bernstein, of course, to expose the crimes of Nixon, and now as a 65 year old woman, I witness Woodward expose the continuing and growing crimes of Trump. I just didn’t think at the age of 19, I and this country would have to endure such a crisis again. But that’s it’s a Republican president, no, I’m not surprised, at least not since 1980 with the Reagan campaign and Administration.

    • He didn’t expose Trumputin so much as give America the smoking gun. Face it, anyone with half a brain knew this POS was ROTTEN to the core long ago.

    • Let’s hope deposed….many nuts out there. It’s not over yet. Going to be a ride.

    • @GoGreen1977 – I’m about your age and I feel the same. This situation is just horrifying and worse.

    • @Jason Thompson I’m sure that Trump has exposed himself plenty of times. Woodward just collected the recorded proof of him doing so.

  10. In the Netherlands, we know Trump has been lying to Americans, and watching to your cult in horror.

    We have a normal leader who tells the truth. Very old fashion. 🙄

    • @Sara Cowgill Trump, and his party, have sowed dissent, discord, and fear from even before he announced his candidacy.
      I remember being one of 5 veterans riding a bus to our v.a. appointments, and we were trying to calm down a woman who was screaming and crying because trump told us the terrorists were coming to take over our homes.
      She took that literally, and wigged out!
      She could not be convinced that america has many veterans who will not let that happen.
      The bus driver had to put her off the bus, because she was upsetting other people who also believed terrorists, Saudi Arabia, Russia, anybody was going to come and take their homes!
      Now he claims the democrats are going to take away their homes, jobs, and families!
      Same narrative, different settings, even different boogeymen!

    • @Michael Mcgarrity Donnie bunker boi has already said he will not cooperate with The World Court in Hague.
      I guess that means he believes America doesn’t have to follow international law either.

    • @Janne Gregoire I have been retired for a number of years, but because of this ” booming” economy I am considering trying to go back to work; if I can find someone willing to hire an old, brokedown geezer like myself.
      Yep! Gotta love this “booming” economy!

    • Michael Mcgarrity | September 13, 2020 at 1:37 PM | Reply

      @William Platt As long as Bunker Boy Donnie can still flip $20.00 to his best Dem Flipping Buddy Vlad to Facebook Flip a few million Democrats to Vote Republican against their Will in 2020 everything is Good.
      Scientists have yet to develop a Flip Proof Lid for Democrats. 2016 all over again. Russians call the Shots, Democrats Flip. Where is Pelosi with Tinfoil Hats for Democrats Legislation? Vlad is going to Head Tweak Democrats again. Prepare to Flip!

    • Michael Mcgarrity | September 13, 2020 at 1:49 PM | Reply

      As long as you keep doing what Merkel tells you, everything may be OK. God did not invent Bavaria to protect the Netherlands. God invented Fierce Belgians instead.
      Arm yourself, Americans are pulling out of NATO.

  11. Those who refuse to learn about their history are doomed to repeat it.

  12. Trump KNEW in February Covid was ‘’deadly stuff’’.

    He said on tape he decided to downplay it. In Europe, we have normal leaders and our death rate is around 75% lower than in the US. Think about that …

    • It’s beyond awful and I really hope these Woodward recordings are the final nails in his coffin lid.

    • @Jimb 2 Think that point it became the trump virus

    • Believe me when I say, the illusion of freedom in the U.S. is just that. Over the past 50 years, our individual freedoms have been ticked away. One on one, there is so much oppressive–even violent–behavior. Liberties bestowed by the constitution mean nothing with an uneducated, unenlightened populace that thinks race takes a front seat to class relations.

    • Please tell us what a normal leader is….

    • @Jimb 2 Trump is the American Virus. and far more deadly.

  13. dutchpy dutchpy | September 11, 2020 at 9:41 AM | Reply

    9/11. The moment that Trump presumably reacts that he “now” was the owner of the highest building in town.

    • We DON’T FORGET… Aleast most of US!!!😪🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

    • We can measure the degree of Trump’s lies by the 200,000 dead in America from C19 and the 6 million infected and recovering still from C19 with numbers still increasing daily, the economic damage to 90% of businesses both big and large locally and nationally and the grave mistrust of Americans of a vaccine released under a Trump administration. Just keeping it real.

    • I am surprised that isn’t a Lincon project ad yet

  14. That’s John Lewis behind Nixon he was a major part of change. RIP Mr. Lewis

  15. And in gratitude for the hard hat riots, the GOP has kept their wages suppressed to this very day.

    • Right. The Republicans controlled wages when the democrats held the White House and both chambers of Congress. Okay…

    • @Walt Schmidt I’m sorry! The “hard hat riots” took place under a republican president!
      The dems didn’t have control of the senate.

    • Yes sir I’ve been living it ! Wish more folks would have noticed.

    • @William Platt What have the democrats done SINCE then? Or is that not relevant?

    • @Walt Schmidt The Democrats have tried to raise the minimum wage against Republican opposition. Republicans believe in trickle down, where they give all the money to the rich and then…I guess, the rich keep it and you still vote Republican for some reason.

  16. Turns out the patriots were the protesters.

  17. In 50 years we’ve learned nothing. Except Nixon is dead.

    • MANY, MANY of us have. Don’t let the overwhelming MEDIA that concentrates on key things take away just how many of us are doing the right thing. I remember being back in the Nixon times, and believe me we’ve come a LONG WAY BABY. NOW, WE HAVE TO GET RID OF A DANGEROUS AND CORRUPT PARTY, THE REPUBLICANS. AND we must keep fighting for what is right.

    • The more things change, the more people remain stupid.

    • @Judith Hayes I love your optimism.

      That said the problem isn’t Trump he’s just the current symptom of the disease.

      The Republican party are so far off track it’s insane and have been for years.

      I don’t get why the Democratic party can’t just say the UK is one of our best allies and we should at the least be trying to get to where they are on some social policies.

      Even their Conservative party wouldn’t think of a UK without a National Health Service if you can get that other things start correcting themselves but first you have to get money out of politics.

    • Wait!!!…He is???…and Kissinger???…He he still Kissing somewhere else?

  18. The silent Republicans like Kevin McCarthy are all compromised by Russia

    • And Moscow Mitch, who took $3.5 million from the Russians for his last campaign. And got sanctions on Russia lofted for his buddy, Deripaska.

  19. This is the day conald trumpf looks back and reflects on his building becoming the tallest.

    • The repeated surprise coming out of peoples mouths about Trump. Read the definition of Narcissist again. He will never change.

  20. The Kent State Massacre was so disturbing. Not “thugs”, they were young students protesting the Vietnam War.

    • Peacefully protesting…

    • @stopthe BS Terrible. Sorry you had to go through that, sorry America went through that as well.

    • We remember very well.

    • @Eric Hansen I totally agree Eric, Lazy Trump dismisses “any” wrongdoing by the white nationalists, the vigilantes or other extremest groups trying to pin the violence on folks protesting unfair policies he wants to make more unfair.

    • I remember the Kent State massacre and how upset I was at the time.
      It seems like history repeating itself with the Federal Secret Police thugs taking the place of the State Police in Kent.
      The Secret Police mostly from ICE? Seem more subtle than the Kent State murderers.

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