What are the political implications of a PSAC, CRA strike in Canada? | Power Play with Joyce Napier

The Front Bench panel discusses the political stakes of a potential PSAC, CRA strike and whether they think the strike can be averted.

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  1. A break in the Canadian Tax year, the money will stop rolling in, Trudeau will blame someone , he will declare an emergency.

  2. By all means… let CRA workers walk out. Just make sure you lock the doors behind them.

    Sometimes the best medicine for such delusional entitlement (especially for non-performance/incompetence) is a big ol’ spoonful of reality.

  3. They are worried about public support… wonder whose money they think is going to pay the raise? hahaha

  4. Governments have failed to curb inflation so– what do you expect? How is anyone gonna afford anything living in ottawa or toronto on 50k. Any major city in Canada? Wages have stagnated because of?

  5. I’ve had nothing but a hard time with services Canada and the cra if the workers I have encountered actually seemed to care and put in effort I’d suport this but right now not really

  6. I work hard and don’t get a raise, I have no sympathy for the public servants to try and hold everyone hostage so they get more. I have to say that they where not very helpful when my husband needed one of there services. The longer they go on, the more damage is for the public. The union’s don’t care about any of that. They count on it, I was a member of a union a long time ago. I worked for a union for 1 year as well, worst treatment of employees I ever experienced. It’s all talk and show with them so they get paid.

  7. Hell ., I am all for them all to go on strike, as long as one of the conditions for going back to work is that Trudeau and Singh resign.

  8. $1.45/hr raise? That’s a $3k a year increase, is that what they’re asking for? Doesn’t seem right.

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