1. “i’ve never seen a woke supremacist deny somebody a job or housing or voting rights” he clearly has never read a history book. look up mao’s great leap forward.

    1. Did you notice what happened to South Africa after Mandela, “liberated” the people. They attacked the white farmers and are starving to death now. Yep, it always proves true. They CANNOT govern themselves. FACT!

    2. @A Dude are you serious? Do you know what you people did to our country n yet yo playing the victim card as usual no wonder yo saying that he was a criminal.

    3. @jeffery armstrong You’re really stupid if that’s what you truly believe. If you’re white, which I’m assuming you are by the way your speaking, I am ashamed of you!! Did you not see every WHITE FACE at the Capitol riot?!?! That’s violence, looting, and a Capitol police officer being murdered!!! GFY!

    1. @william elijah right… welfare system that didn’t allow fathers in the home.., blacks weren’t paid enough to afford housing so during that time some families desperately needed welfare assistance. Creating depression and strain on the black family. To name another attack on our families

    2. @william elijah you don’t have a unique struggle. Every God damn person on the planet has struggle. Every race has been enslaved/ slavers. Every race has problems getting hired. Every race has to deal with racism. You’re not special, you’ve just been tricked into thinking your race somehow means something. Oh, and since you think the world began at 1960 for some reason, go ahead and look at the stats before 1960. More present black fathers, more equitable distribution of wealth among races, higher education among blacks. Get real. No one’s buying the “poor me” narrative anymore.

    3. @D Scott lol you’re so blind by your bs. No one is asking for a handout like you trust fund kid. Go spew your hate to your kids if you don’t recognize that black people of America have been ripped off. D Scott if you’re so tired of black people stop reading the post concerning them. That would make too much sense but hate is as hate does. I do have a recommendation for an entertainment source for you. It’s call Fox News. They have that idiot tucker on there I’m pretty sure he can make up something for you.

    4. @Doug H The only rare time I agree with Don Lemon. JFS has destroyed America. Two parents are essential to raising well adjusted children. Divorce is ugly, divide the possessions. Children are not possessions.

    5. @william elijah D Scott is right and you know it. All ethnic groups have suffered. ALL! If you want to blame slavery on someone blame your west African brethren, the ones who sold your ancestors first to north African arabs, then to western europeans. You are alive and well. You don’t have a complaint.

    1. Exactly, and trust me, so many “black” people like him voted for GOP, forgetting where they actually came from.
      These people are total ignorant sellouts

  1. Lindsey was also talking about this token when he said white people won’t vote for black people in certain areas of South Carolina!

  2. Lindsey Graham showed himself at the debate. He said himself that “you can do what you want in SC as long as you’re conservative and not liberal”. Tells you all you need to know.

    1. @D Scott I’m pretty certain your use of “is” should be capitalized. I mean, since we’re policing people’s grammar and all. SMDH. That mean’s “Shaking my damn head,” just in case you needed some clarification. I would say something else about stones and a glass house, but I’m sure you wouldn’t get the reference. Good luck with life.

    1. Every time SC is mentioned it is definitely not for anything positive. I’m so damn SICK of all of the country thinking that Lindsay Graham,Tim Scott,Henry McMaster and the rest of the ignorant racist in Sound Carolina speak for the majority of the people of the state because they DON’T!! Why they are tolerated is BEYOND me.Time for the old guard in SC to change to something that better reflects this state as a whole

    2. @Iris Wilson yes, make your state like California. California has hundreds of thousands of homeless people and it keeps rising every day. Don’t complain if you end up homeless with your family just like Californians.

    3. @Tasha S You should look at California homeless people or New York’s poverty rate. California is the laughing stock of the world. You should look at Andrew Cuomo’s sex scandals. You Democrats are the laughing stock of the world.

  3. “What are doing??!!”
    Having that “tough” conversation you’re always wanting. BLM blatantly admits they’re against the “traditional nuclear family”. They’re trying to convince you that you’re better off without fathers, and it’s working.

    1. Some guy wearing a Dallas cowboys jersey said that the team is moving to California. So I guess that must mean that the Dallas cowboys are going to be called the Cali Cowboys. yep that makes perfect sense…

    2. @Conrad Hanson yeah I don’t see any major company’s moveing there business to cali. Y would they move somewhere to pay more taxes.

    3. @donavon roberts actually people aren’t fleeing California, they’re actually just fleeing the Bay area because of the super high cost of living (there)and limited space.

  4. That fool made that up, “woke supremacy,” give me a break…Tiny Tim Scott, your full of crap…

    1. But yet black people gets the best hand out then any other race in America especially when it comes to college.

  5. They don’t accept how we can be so strong under the conditions the try to impose upon us everyday of our lives. We’re here, and we belong here! We built this country!

    1. I’m white (absurdly so, I’m practically transparent) so it’s hard for me to truly appreciate how much black communities and individuals still endure. I see your strength and I applaud it.

  6. The media and republicans allowed this, not the people. Now let’s hold them accountable and get them out of office.

  7. Apparently don lemon didn’t actually read the BLM website. Bypassing the nuclear family is straight from the BLM website.

    1. Actually your mis-quote of the statement is no longer on their website…
      Here is the actual quote…

      We make our spaces family-friendly and enable parents to fully participate with their children. We dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work “double shifts” so that they can mother in private even as they participate in public justice work.

      “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable”

      Talk about taking a quote out of context…

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