What Can Biden Learn From Nixon's Presidency? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

What Can Biden Learn From Nixon’s Presidency? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Authors Evan Thomas and Walter Isaacson join Morning Joe to discuss what Joe Biden can learn from previous administrations. Aired on 12/01/2020.
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What Can Biden Learn From Nixon's Presidency? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Wally Iverson we’re not commies, you dumb f***! And Joe did win. He didn’t cheat, he didn’t steal it… He won. 80mil ARE SICK OF TRUMP!

    2. @Brian Nave listening to me buddy
      It’s over.Trump had the opportunity when Covid19 hit the United States and he did nothing to not only protect Americans but also to unite both parties..it’s over man.

    3. @Brian Nave honestly, they’re doing just like Trump… Lying! That’s all Trump, and Trump supporters know how to do.

    4. @Brian Nave
      Good thing these idiots were removed..
      They were screaming and complaining for every single vote for Biden, really?

    1. No one should forget the 8 million fraudulent ballots. Trump should have won by 410 in electoral college but the election was stolen

  1. Trump In drive thru:
    “You want fries with that?”
    “Thats a tough question. You didn’t ask Biden if he wanted fries. You’re a fake cashier. I’m done here”

    1. No one should forget the 8 million fraudulent ballots. Trump should have won by 410 in electoral college but the election was stolen

    2. @Roy Dullman no one remembers where they are especially when a JUDGE SAYS SHOW ME PROOF????

  2. I found “M.Joe” a difft. slant & hv bn watching for @ year. I truly enjoy Mika & (supprisingly), Willie. Joe’s act tired easily. TALKING OVER MIKA, cutting her off, acting as if she hadn’t just added a relevant remark? A reformed Republican? Sure, but not in those abbrassive manners. Being the loudest in the room, doesn’t make you right or the smartest. Joe’s a bit like Trump in that way. Mika & Willie may be enough to keep me watching? Hope so.

  3. To be honest I didn’t like Nickson ” why he was in Vietnam ? ‘ I read documentaries he killed many people and children !

  4. Tell me how Biden can do something new, ” outside the box” and throw sand in the face of progressives? The Centrist and the right-wing got us in this mess. This reality is exactly what they want: Billionaires, tax-free corporations, Nirvana for the wealthy and the poor remain slaves. They are driving us into the wall and you’re telling us don’t change direction.

    1. Although unfortunately Biden we’ll need the Moderate Democrats and Republicans to help get legislation created and passed that will enable him to accomplish things such as beginning to restore unity and trust in the government and in the country as a whole. As well as getting those past to get stimulus money, Covid testing, and vaccinations when safely available to the country and those who needs it most urgently. That said, I agree with you that By the needs to bring in the progressives as that is the future of the country whether establishment democrats like it or not. It will be the progressives that will help keep Democrats in power to make change and fix the the damage by Trump and his Trumpublican syncophants like Mitch, turtle face, McConnell. Things like climate control, reducing or eliminating student debt, and a truly workable healthcare system which is geared to making the health of American citizens the highest priority, and not just increasing the wealth of the top 1% of America at the expense of the lower and middle class. And, how progressives need to make climate change and important high priority investment in America is by appealing to people’s needs of obtaining jobs which will allow them to support their families and improve their quality of life. By investing in jobs related to renewable power sources so many jobs can be created and people can be trained in these new positions with even more jobs and which will help the economic local and national economy. All this well improving that’s environment and helping people get jobs and improve their family’s quality of life.

    2. Anything would be better than the lies and chaos Trump has caused the last 4 years. He hasn’t accomplished a thing but divide us.

    3. @Nancy Desch ,
      True, but for the sake of the country and our world, just returning to the normal before Trump, is not acceptable. We as a country must do more or we will wind up with someone far worse than Trump. As in someone with Trump’s sociopathic narcissism coupled with McConnell’s intelligence and experience in government along with his ability of taking advantage of the weakness of the Democrats who always playing nice and taking the high road with Republicans, instead of assertively pushing back against them for the good of the country and in defense of the constitution.

  5. I think before the United States could ever “take on a leadership role” in the world – it has a long road ahead to prove that can be relied upon, first. For more than a maximum of 4 years at a time, before it turns coat or stabs those allies in the back again, as quickly and haphazardly as one changes socks, just to amuse someone’s ego.

    The rest of the world would rather have multiple other, potentially coalisions of smaller allies and partners – than put all their eggs back in a basket they can’t trust to still be there the after lunch.

  6. _”He needs to show the bad-faith opposition party, to hopefully get their favor, that he’s not a partner of the biggest wing of his own party”_

    Iish. Good luck with that. It’ll be the heavily accelerated beginning of the end of his presidency. And possibly of the Democratic Party too.

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