What Happened To North Korea’s ‘Christmas Gift’? | MSNBC


  1. Perhaps it is the measles outbreak in some U.S. airports this Christmas! The thing is, that in dealing with Vlad, we don’t know what surprises are in store for us! Think about it! Be safe out there folks!

    1. Measles are a gift from parents who think they are smarter than professionals. They are so smart, they fall for conspiracy theories and risk the lives of their children and other peoples children. With compatriots like that, you don’t need Kim or Putin.

    2. @blackmarketyardsale
      It’s the people who get the vaccination that spread it, hellspawn, you’re a brainwashed slave to evil

    3. Trolls are out in double time tonight! Picking up their game since ttrump’s losing! Get out and vote wisely my fellow countrymen and women who are capable of free thought! I’m not a Democrat, nor a Republican, so I am voting for much needed changes in Washington! Help clean out Washington and take our power back! 😉🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. N. Korea’s gift: To make threat without intension to carry out threat. Get media and people talking about threat. Create a ruckus. Make Trump look weak.

    1. Edward Furey , why are you such a moron, yeah our president is weak how could you be so freaking stupid? If Obama or Hillary had this problem they would , They would send him pallets of your money you freaking moron.

    1. Maga 4Eva3 What was the lie? The North Korea made the threat? That trumps White House order surveillance of North Korea?

    2. Crystal Giddens exactly it’s so nice seeing another person awake & not dummied down…yes 💕🤗, the DEEP STATE IS IN CONTROL

    3. 55352 Flights WRONG, try are not just observing, THEY VOTE. Remember what happened in 2018? We voted, and we will vote again. Yes, we are the TRUMPERS; we are the PROGRESSIVES; WE ARE AMERICANS, and we are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We Vote. LETS PLAY FAIR. DONT LET FOREIGNERS INTERFERE WITH OUR ELECTIONS.

  3. Kim doesnt have the funds or the healthy personnel for a war. He thinks if he threatens the world they will be terrified. Hes right but if he really did it would his suicide.

    1. @brian gardner your such a dotard you don’t know what anyone wants you just regurgitate the propaganda you are fed. Go play with your trump & hannity dolls .

  4. He’s such a weird looking fella with his superiority complex thinks he’s god and is never wrong. And so is the Korean fella

    1. Trump once said Kim is a smart little man. How can a Fool evaluate anyone. I am thankful the military is watching our backs and not the fool in the White House.

    1. Right because Hillary was so tough , I love the way she fainted during the 9 / 11 memorial service . Imagine Hillary trying to meet with little rocket man

    2. @Travis Holcombe yes but she was the alternative to what’s currently in the white house. So that’s why I brought it up

  5. Kim is like Trump; full of sh*t! It is all lies designed to give him false prestige… His technology is really third rate and he is effectively impotent; all he has are threats…

  6. Trumps admiration for the rotten… Sucking up to Kim Jung Un is no way to deal with someone threatening America with weapons of mass destruction… Joking is just as bad…. Trump loves Kim… Kim has no respect for Trump… If we could lock them up together…. then it would just be their personal problem and nothing to do with us… Bull crap ends when Americans elects someone who will stand up for America…

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