1. @flmacphee which policy specifically? (Don’t pick any that have put more money in average Canadians pockets please.)

    2. @Jay Ray you have replied 4 times to a simple statement of fact. Why don’t you take your own advice and stop the harassment.

  1. Back in the day the powerful built castles to lord over the peasantry. History eroded those castle walls and permitted the powerful and the peasantry to be one and the same, in a democracy. Today, however, the powerful seek to escape a system which demands that they are accountable to the peasantry. Cersei Lannister appears to prefer the security of a castle than actually listening to the public she serves.

  2. If you happen to cross paths with her the only acceptable thing for you to say is thank you master may I have another booster

  3. Seeing adults act like this towards anyone is just embarrassing, especially a slobby mouth breather dressed like that. Way to perpetuate the stereotype!

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