What happens if Roe v. Wade is overturned and abortion outlawed? | USA TODAY

A leaked Supreme Court draft opinion suggests the court is preparing to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion.

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If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, states would be free to make abortion illegal. Nearly half of the states in the country already have laws in place that would take effect immediately upon the Supreme Court ruling. Another 16 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws explicitly protecting abortion rights in case Roe v. Wade is overturned, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive rights research and policy organization.

"This is going to be an unprecedented earthquake in American life," said Amelia Bonow, founder of the Seattle-based national abortion access group Shout Your Abortion.

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    1. @JENDALL714 Here’s some food for thought. Let’s say you get in a car accident. The other person is seriously injured but you are perfectly fine. Should the government force you to undergo surgery to remove your organs and give them to the other person until a donor can be found?

    2. @Jalen Mere It also doesn’t change the fact that one day it will be law. Murder is murder no matter how you slice it. 😉

    3. @Justin Hosler We aren’t talking about ejaculation. We are talking about a fetus. You know… the after effect. Lol. Your about 4 weeks behind on the topic. Lmao. 😂

    4. Funny how this issue is coming from a party who’s own federal court representative can’t even define what a woman is. Lmfao! 😆

    1. @Leslie Muir It has plenty to do with each other. If someone should have a choice about what happens then they should have a choice with vaccines too. The pressure, manipulations, job losses and inability to access certain businesses and services should only be okay if it is also okay to disallow someone for having had an abortion. You might think that it’s different but no it isn’t, the vaccine did nothing to stop transmission or even slow it.

  1. Under his eye 😞 and thumb and foot. This is absolutely terrifying. My American cousins, I am so afraid for you, but I know the uprising is coming. ↙️↙️↙️

  2. Everyone is in favor of protecting babies until they’ve actually been born to parents who can’t provide for them and need government assistance.

  3. I’m typically on the conservative side but this is so eff’ed up! You cannot force people to have a baby they don’t want! This is going to cause so much suffering and abuse to children that were basically forced on their parents.

  4. So one side will yell, ” it’s my choice”, and the other side is going to say,” close your legs, be responsible”.

    1. @AG Aquatics a lot of doctors will outright refuse to sterilize women. They say “you’ll change your mind” and refuse to do the procedure. Additionally, a lot of insurance companies would consider it an elective surgery and will not cover it. Therefore making it unaffordable for a lot of people.

    2. @AG Aquatics fun fact! No it’s not! Getting your tubes tied has a failure rate of 1.85%. A vasectomy has a failure rate as well. Although it’s less than 1% it’s still there.

      Also, a lot of doctors just straight up refuse to sterilize young people who are of reproductive age. Saying “you’ll change your mind.” And, in the case of getting the tubes tied, it is a very extensive and invasive surgery that can cost a lot of money.

  5. This is legislated reproduction, plain & simple. Humans have sex for a variety of reasons, many don’t include procreation; contraceptives fail, people make bad decisions, drugs, alcohol, etc. Forcing a woman to carry a birth to term is an unreasonable demand, not just for the gestation period, but the life impacts for everyone involved. Why would you want government-mandated reproduction leading to abortions that will be performed regardless; all this does is force women to seek illegal abortions.

    1. Personal responsibility. No one is forcing women to carry a birth to term; don’t get pregnant and you don’t have to. Its very easy to not get pregnant; don’t have sex.

    2. @killer rgm as if all people are responsible especially teens. What if an irresponsible person didn’t got a chance to get abortion because it’s illegal, do you think that person would be a great mother or that she could afford a great life for her child? Even so, does your argument include rape victims?

    3. @Rei Rape is the ONE exception, and its pretty obvious it should be, for the sake of the parent and child.
      I think irresponsible people need responsibility forced on them sometimes, and children used to be that. They FORCED people to be responsible. And if they choose not to be, and don’t care for their children? They don’t deserve to be a part of our society.

  6. People go to a doctor and get an operation, a snip snip , and a tie there and no worries!

  7. Many of you who are panicking are the same ones who didn’t vote in the 2016 general election and also choose to sit out mid term elections.
    When will you understand that elections impact your rights and your well-being?

    1. What about the one next to it? It has a totally ambiguous message that could either be pro-life (the baby isn’t a part of the mothers body) or pro choice (the woman should choose what happens in her body not the judges). Either way dumb sign when it makes the argument both ways.

  8. A woman is holding a sign that is doing my head in. The sign says “if it’s not your body it’s not your choice”. Terrible sign as it is ambiguous, it could be saying “The life growing inside you isn’t your body but the body of another and therefore not your choice” OR it could be saying “You are supreme court judges and it isn’t your body so you don’t get to make laws regarding other peoples bodies”. The first interpretation sounds better but if anything I think the latter is more likely.

  9. We pray for Moral clarity for Life! For each Judge! As. Each judge, will answer to God for every idle word that is spoken! It will be our on words that we will be justified or condemned, judgement day! Matthew 12:36,37; 🙏So be it, Amen!🙏Amen!🙏🏼

  10. Psalm 139:13-16
    For You formed my inward parts;
    You wove me in my mother’s womb.
    I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    Wonderful are Your works,
    And my soul knows it very well.
    My frame was not hidden from You,
    When I was made in secret,
    And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth;
    Your eyes have seen my unformed substance;
    And in Your book were all written
    The days that were ordained for me,
    When as yet there was not one of them.

  11. I feel abortion should be legal, just not too easy to get at any time in the pregnancy. I’ve known a few women in my 67 years who had an abortion at a young age and had regrets later in life. Many were too immature to raise children so perhaps it was best for the aborted child but the decision to abort scarred them for life. There is no easy answer here except perhaps a little more personal responsibility in one’s life.

  12. I now understand why my childhood friends said women that believe in abortion are unfit for marriage and should be for recreational use only. If a woman is so heartless as to murder her own children, think of what she will do to you when you no longer serve a desired purpose.

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