What is known about the new Lambda COVID-19 variant? 1

What is known about the new Lambda COVID-19 variant?


CTV Medical Specialist Dr. Marla Shapiro discusses what is known about the Lambda variant, which has not yet been reported in Canada.

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  1. These geniuses did not foresee the greek alphabet will be exhausted very fast at this rate.

    1. No worries. “Doctor” tedros is has been doing great strides in his hieroglyphics as of late. Guess he knows of something

  2. Delta wasn’t scary enough, lets bring on the next variant. When does Canada create its own. Maybe it comes with the side effect of unquenchable desire for back bacon and maple syrup.

    1. I stand outside every night eating bacon while the bats fly around me hoping to make the new “Canadian” variant

  3. 😂😂😂😂
    I thought it would last at least a while, when the new and soooooo dangerous mutation would come out.😂

  4. Might as well start selling ad space for these variants. Next we have the Taco Bell Variant.

    1. Taco bell variant has been around for at least half a century creating the pandemic of “Supersize me”.

    1. Lol, I never cared in the beginning. I went to multiple countries, stayed in dozens of hotels and drove full speed down the 401 swerving all lanes.

    2. @fliipso id love to get back and visit my pops. But… with my id2020 crispr mrna gene drive software I’m still treated as a criminal in my own country.

    1. You’d have thought they would have started with Alpha….. duh. There’s not much thought going into this.

  5. This is what I know: I took biology and virology in school and we learned that mutations or variants are always weaker than the original strain……. So???

  6. Specific nutrition, self-care and, when necessary, prophylactic drugs are all that is needed during times of peace and prosperity.

  7. When are the epsilon, gamma, omega, pi variants coming out?

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