What It Means To Get Infected With The Delta Variant

Sen. Lindsey Graham has taken his place in the rare group of fully vaccinated people who then get infected with Covid-19. Dr. Céline Gounder explains to Lawrence O'Donnell what Senator Graham's infections tells us about the threat of the Delta variant for vaccinated people. 
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    1. @DENCH why do you think so many liberals are anti-vaxxers? A big reason is because President Trump is responsible for the vaccine. But either way I support their right to choose.

    2. @Bryan No 45 is responsible for the deaths of 100,000 plus Americans with his bs
      He is also responsible for the rise in hate crimes against AA and API.
      He iscalso responsible for the terrorist Attack on the Capitol on Jan 6th 2021 and the deaths and injuries of all MPD and Capitol Officers.
      If you believe he isn’t that’s fine I taken offense.
      However as 45 stared previously
      “It is what it is.”

    3. @Bryan Trump shut down our borders and went to work fast track ……..then the vaccine was born 🙂

    1. @mike briganti
      Trump did gramps.
      In June on Fox.
      Don’t you old Canadians with visual impairments watch your own right wing religious political channels? 😂😂😂
      Trump even wished Biden success and luck.
      Are you that bored in Canada to troll eight hour old comments gramps?

    2. They are way too late for hundreds of thousands of Republican voters who are yet to catch the virus, are unvaccinated and many of them will die. The GOP really doesn’t care that much about its supporters whom it mostly despises.

    3. @mike briganti NOTHING to do with the holocaust. I’m assuming you don’t know how dumb your comment is so I’m going to do you a favor and let you know…it’s dumb.

  1. Seriously, let’s put some live video feeds into a few of these Covid wards. That would be Must See TV for all those Covid skeptics, that’s for sure. Let them get up close and personal with real pain and suffering. (I’m sure some patients would gladly sign waivers to allow the truth to be seen.) We need to try a new approach.

    1. @RAZORBL879 that was the Alpha variant not the Delta Variant. Children and younger people are getting deadly sick and with more people in the way for a ventilator more will die from lack of care than the virus. Remember the GOP tried to cut health care for the last decade plus imagine how much more death we would have now! And now we have 7 million people about to be evicted who will spread this further because they could not be bothered to distribute funds to prevent it this is a mass die off bought and paid for by dark money and human incompetence. Who pays for that? The most vulnerable and “less living” aka women, children, poor and transient people. People who have no one with the economic clout to complain. We are watching a slow motion invasion of the worst humanity has to offer and it needs to change. Starting with you being better informed, please don’t assume a child is going to be fine even if they are asymptomatic now they may not be later especially when the antibodies go away after 6 months and in 6 more months if people want to play these stupid games we may have another variant that completely stomps this one. It’s a little bit like having termites at this point. You may get lucky and recover from the first one and repair the damage to your house this season, but each reoccurrence of it just brings bigger and hungrier termites and eventually you will run out of wood and nails to repair the damage,

    2. I work in a hospital in one of the lowest vaccinated states in the country. The ICU is empty. The only people we have testing positive and getting sick are fully vaccinated.

    1. Had a party with republicans on his houseboat
      Sinema meeting with mcconnell
      They are not democrats
      They have received suitcases full of money
      Any questions?

    2. Houseboat for privacy….it’ll catch on. Mitt wishes he’d thought of it, rather than be recorded by the minimum wage server.

  2. Thank you MSNBC..we only need to hear from DOCTORS about covid for medical advice on the news from now on. No more quack politicians.

    1. @Ralph Boyd Joe Biden said children are not getting Covid. What do you think about that? I’ll link the video if you want.

      Our school was maskless the entire year and not one child got Covid, was hospitalized, or died. Not one teacher was hospitalized or died. You are spreading misinformation just as you claim the other side is.

      Congrats on being vaccinated but you cannot force others to take it. I have a friend who has a medical condition where her doctor recommended she not take the vaccine. She lost her full ride scholarship to the university she was going to because they required all students to be vaccinated and wouldn’t accept any exemptions, even when her doctor personally called the school.

      If you are for mandatory vaccines, you are against freedom. There is no going around that fact. Let people make their own choices for their own bodies. If you are truly that afraid for your life then you might as well stop living in general because you shouldn’t ever leave your house at that point. You should spend more time using your critical thinking skills and stop leading with your emotions.

  3. Thank you! This is the first time in months that I’ve heard someone in media making the distinction between being infected and suffering disease.

  4. There is something much more important than Graham, there’s an active investigation of the Republicans, who else was at this phoney Democrat’s house boat?

  5. Seeing the news about graham getting ‘mild’ covid, while ‘Boating Around’ with Manchin, begs the Qs – 1) just how cheap are these Luxury Yachts anyways? Since i wouldn’t think he could afford ONE like that, on a ‘Senator’s Salary?!” and 2) since when do Dems chum around with the repugs (whom are currently so anti-Democratic)! – to the extent of such ‘off-duty’ pal-lings around out on the Open Sea! – rather strange ‘playful’ boat/bedpartners – wouldn’t one think?!

  6. I am so sick of all of these “scenario” questions! “If I go to a public park with a name that starts with an H, can I wave to people
    who pick their noses with a teaspoons?” When in doubt, just mask up you idiots!

  7. Just because someone says flu-like symptoms doesn’t mean you have to “publish” it . COVID and Delta are viruses, not the flu.

    On another segment— Saying “goodies” when you talk about infrastructure bill just gives the other side fodder. Say replace crumbling infrastructure.
    Say that. Say held up action by do nothing legislators for 40 years….say that.
    Stop the conversation, correct when you hear it. Goodies….dated word, you show your age.

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