1. You need to be focusing on yall high prices and stop your drivers from artificially using ways to make prices soar…if you care about the customer then you should care about making sure we are not being price gouged like Amazon does with their competive pricing…..

    1. You can’t care about your employees. If you do – you’ll go out of business. You have to care about the bottom line. Nothing else matters.

  2. He’s clueless, I’ve been a driver since 2019 and I feel like the ceo of Lyft and Uber are so out of touch of what drivers and riders want.

    1. @Turret Plug I’m not “just a driver” I’m also an artist and do many other things with my life besides “driving”. Thanks for the judgmental label though!

    2. @Jack Caffrey he’s got the drivers money and the riders money yet their stock is down to $8 a share. That’s why they switched ceo because Lyft’s ship is sinking.

  3. Crazy stuff. I’m old school and I do know how to take a taxi .
    But then, times they are changing.

  4. The most important thing Lyft CEO learned from Bezos was, keep your head shaved and you’ll save time in the morning and money (no more shampoos or haircuts).

  5. ‘Out source stress’ – might as well outsource your whole life. DO nothing. Think nothing. Life is too hard. Lol

  6. Pie in the sky BS. Is Lyft going to micromanage traffic? Does anyone buy this crap anymore?

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