What the FBI told senator about threats related to possible Trump indictment

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) says that he has been briefed by the FBI about possible threats that could occur if former President Donald Trump is indicted in New York. Trump is under investigation for an alleged hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, but Trump has not yet been charged in the case. #CNN #News


    1. All Democrats must Rise up and End this scourge Themselves if the Government isn’t going to do it!!!!!!!!!!

  1. America’s longstanding policy is that we do not negotiate with terrorists, foreign or domestic. We must not let Trump’s terror rhetoric and antics dissuade anyone from bringing charges against him for a myriad of crimes. He is an ordinary American citizen like the rest of us.

    1. @J B Fiveash, Supply chain issues have little to do with the Federal Government, particularly given that all major ports of entry are operated by private sector companies in a PPP arrangement. While Congress can increase the fuel tax, it has not done so since 1993 and it is not indexed to inflation. Again, if you don’t understand how these things work, don’t bother commenting unless you want to continuously be made to look like a clown.

    2. @J B Fiveash I’m more of an independent than anything. It’s all very situational for me. Admittedly, my vision of society doesn’t really fit either side’s ideologies. My values were formed from my studies in ancient civilizations and general theology. A real hybrid of ideals. I want a safe, prosperous, free, and utopian society that towards the human species into the stars. Whomever demonstrates what I believe sets us forward on that path gets my support. At this time, I am concerned that the economic aspects and authoritarian nature of the modern left stands in the way of my vision. I am also concerned that geopolitically, the perspective of the left is one that risks our collective future. As for the right, I have concerns as well. At times, they seem to be hypocritical and afraid to step up. At times, they seem to fail to fully recognize how vulnerable they are. So a confidence issue exists. I hope that clears things up.

    3. @Geoffrey K Supply chain issues can completely be blamed on the Federal Government. The US Federal Government has the power to regulate international trade and domestic manufacturing through tariffs and taxes. When America globalized, it came at the expense of domestic manufacturing. In addition, geopolitical maneuvering determines the price of commodity goods and the raw materials used in manufacturing. A weak geopolitical strategy results in premium prices and a lack of supply stability. Anyone who disputes this either doesn’t understand globalization at any valuable depth or is being disingenuous. The same applies to the price of agricultural goods and energy. I ask you to stop defending those responsible and to hold your own party accountable.

    4. He certainly needs to be held accountable for the many crimes he’s committed. He is far from any ordinary American however.

  2. If you are a Trump supporter, what are your options? The option many of them will take is to go down with the ship That means a lot of broken homes, broken churches, broken relationships of all kinds all over the South and elsewhere.

    1. @Micheal BarnesI lived most of my life in “Hicksville USA” and it’s absolutely no surprise to me how easily they’ve been manipulated. All he has to do is play to their bigotry. They’ll follow anyone that tells them that it’s okay to be ignorant and hateful, and who will blame anyone other than themselves for how pathetic they’ve made their own lives.

    2. @Dave Brown The same MAGA talking points wont get you anywhere. No wonder Trump will lose again…💯🇺🇸

    1. @K Webber All Democrats and Independents – don’t forget there are those of us that don’t bow to a party of either side – and there are a lot more of us every day

  3. How and why can he threaten a judge and others in Congress? If a citizen should threaten someone in Congress or even a cop we will be arrested and charged.

    1. NAME the threat….. Did it start with “I am going to ….” or “I will …..”
      Guess that derangement syndrome has kicked in hugely

    1. @Allen Bufardeci (Hate won’t win) gaslight? Lol. You believed the CCP over reality and Trump. No gaslighting needed

  4. Trump (along with Rupert Murdoch) is the worst thing that’s ever happened to this country. And yes, I mean “thing”.

    1. -Matt Lubchansky
      “what is bad about Trump? I think what’s bad about Trump is the system that produced him. I try to think much more about the root causes of things and less about the aesthetic differences that I have with a politician. The jokes that are just like, “Oh, Trump’s hands are small” are less funny to me. It’s a little easy to poke fun at a person; it’s harder and more interesting to poke fun at a structure. Because when you see Trump do something, it’s not just him; it’s hundreds of thousands of people enabling his policy-it’s a whole support system there. For me, it was really clarifying when Trump was elected. A lot of the reaction, especially the more center, was like, “Oh no, Trump has dropped out of space, like from a meteorite. He’s this rogue figure!” That’s distorting everything he is. You can draw a straight line from where the Republican Party was at with Reagan to Trump.”

    2. having a opinion of what follows if a event happens is an opinion

      a threat would have been i will call on my voters to kill and damage things

      an opinion is stating what you think will happen,

  5. Yeah ya know usually after I threaten district attorneys and witnesses in grand jury’s I then go on to hold rallies at infamous places with impunity 😂🤷‍♂️. Broken legal system

    1. All Democrats must Rise up and End this scourge Themselves if the Government isn’t going to do it!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “18 U.S. Code § 115 criminalizes threats to assault, kidnap or murder federal officials and their family members, including elected officials, judges, and law enforcement officers. The law covers all forms of communication and applies to direct or indirect threats made with the intent to impede or retaliate against the official’s duties. Violating the law can result in up to 10 years in prison, fines, and other penalties.”

    1. @al reyes You are correct, it is a complete joke to say Trump 2024 :)….unless you add “Trump for Prison 2024-2050, Give him the term in the place that he deserves!”

  7. What the heck is it going to take for this man to be arrested for something, enough is enough.😳🤨😮

  8. I disagree, criminal indictment – especially of someone with such power and money, who has no concerns about destroying the country – is something that needs to be handled by the courts BEFORE Congress gets hold of evidence in these cases.

  9. Living in Oklahoma it is more than a bit difficult to watch our state capital Embrace Timothy mcveigh’s philosophies. This legislative session the Republicans passed over 360 fascist type bills. And Levied even more penalties and punishments against people who do not kowtow to the Christian dogma. My family has been here since it’s settled but I will be leaving at retirement because this is no good place to be

    1. @Linda Wade 4 OK Context? You couldn’t follow the original comment, you turned it into a grammar contest and forgot what you were ranting about in the first comment.

  10. Does anyone besides me ever wonder if the news anchors ever get tired of reporting this SAME content repeatedly for months at a time? It’s mind numbing and frustrating that justice has not been served. The courts need to handle this, not the politicians.

    1. @Ellen Faulkner I think what he’s saying is that if one gets paid well enough, they’re willing to read anything that’s put in front of them regardless of whether they’ve already said the same things a dozen times (or in the case of other networks, whether it’s true or not).

  11. I have a problem with the first amendment or at least, how it can be misconstrued. In my view, anyone who commands an audience of thousands, gets on social media, does live rallies or broadcast and spews rhetoric with the intent to stoke violence or death to an individual or individuals, needs to be silenced!!

    1. Oh, perfectly correct, a “Freedom of Speech” does not mean freedom to spread lies and deceit intended to cause harm ~ that is the rally cry of con-men.

    1. So what you are saying is, Its not up to the DA to arrest, interview, lay charges to appear in court, provide evidence of guilt

      But its upto the person that hasnt been arrested to attend court and prove himself innocent of a charge that hasnt even been made yet?

      are you insane

    Love it when you refer to him as “this guy.”

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