'What the hell?': Alta. doctor shocked that province lifting some COVID-19 measures 1

‘What the hell?’: Alta. doctor shocked that province lifting some COVID-19 measures


ER physician Dr. Joe Vipond questions the decision by the Alberta government to lift some of its COVID-19 measures, calling it an 'experiment of how many people we can get sick.'

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  1. Kenny has proven to be the most detrimental leader in Alberta’s history. The Keystone XL pipeline fiasco was enough to have any corporate leadership removed.

    Kenny has only his re-election in mind with this latest covid measures

    1. @Don Ho Sort of. It was held up in court cases which didn’t look favorable (this is where some of Albertas money went) and then Biden pulled the certificate.

    2. @Don Ho You are absolutely right but you can’t expect too much from someone who is in the early stages of intermittent dementia, (Biden, that is).

    3. @Heidibee Yeah “Biden has dementa” he says after 4 years of Trump tweeting laughable nonsense.

  2. This is complicated but the bottom line is that the government needs to trust and listen to the medical community when it comes to medical matters. They need to implement the measures they advise even tough they may not be popular or politically advantageous, because it’s the right thing to do. Make those that have the money pay their fair share in taxes to continue helping those that are struggling economically.

    1. At least stop claiming being supported by science when making decisions based on economics and ideaologies. Just admit they are weighing the science versus other considerations as they were elected to do. Basically, stop with the gaslighting.

    2. You realize that the science is not settled, and there are more than enough educated, competent scientists, epidemiologists, medical experts, front line workers and doctors who care, without any agendas, that are 100% AGAINST lockdowns and masks.

    1. That only happened because of what President Trump did. He opened the taps and freaked out all the oil producing countries. It’s a fact but the libs and democrats will never admit it.

    2. Probably environment tax is Trudea’s present as if the climate is in their control and voters are stupid.

    1. @MisterMister5893
      Could be he has an entire wardrobe full of them and only them, no street clothes. Could be he has been living in them for the past 18 months.

  3. You would think that the interviewer would have a better response than… “You look defeated.” 🙁

  4. Go Alberta!!! Open things backup its about Dam time. Ontario Needs To Take Notes. We Need To Get Back to Work and Get the Jobs flowing again.

  5. No, the fact they are allowing Health Autonomy… Security of person has more to do with own person decisions

    What I love was when she said when we go into flu season. They fact that we didn’t have not 1, NOT 1 case. Where did all our flu go…

    Delta will spread just like UK variant still spread with all the lockdowns and restrictions that we put in place

  6. I’m stuck in Ontario which is brutal. Most are still masking 😄😄😄 Alberta sounds like the place to be.

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