What The Historic Blue Origin Flight Means For The Future 1

What The Historic Blue Origin Flight Means For The Future


Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison and former NASA Administrator and Astronaut Major General Charles Bolden join Geoff Bennett to discuss this morning's historic flight.
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  1. “What The Historic Blue Origin Flight Means For The Future”? Absolutely nothing? Maybe less?

    1. @Brent Walker wow! 😲you are so rich probably! I know that there are countless rich people. But. How many people could this trip to on the earth? It’s just rich people’s toy as matter of fact in my opinion. 🧸🚙🚕🚌🚎🚒🚚🚟🚘🚍🛺🚨🛵🏍🛴🎮

    2. Maybe it would be a good thing to educate yourself on all of the good that has come from space travel technology? @BrentWalker was right: that was a stupid, super-misinformed comment you made.

  2. Sickening & grotesque display of wealth at the expense of his employees, customers, and people who actually pay taxes

  3. It proves to me that we can launch a phallus into space when many scientists dismissed this idea .

    1. May I suggest that you watch the movie “Flesh Gordon”which shows how profound your comment truly is. Another way of saying I liked your comment 😏😂🤓

    1. Yeah but Columbus was one of the shittiest people ever. Those two don’t compare in that regard.

  4. Free Amazon Prime delivery in Space!
    I wonder how many hydrocarbons were added to the atmosphere for these ‘joy rides’? I wonder how many elementary school student lunch programs that money could have covered? How many homeless shelters might’ve helped more people, but hey Branson achieved HIS childhood dream and Daddy Warbucks Jr. got to float for 4 minutes that’s ‘History?’, ….yeah ok whatever.

  5. Yeah, pretty good, but if you really want to impress me, now go and raise the wages of all of your employees. I’m waiting.

  6. I’d rather see an interview with Wally Funk who’s waited so long and done the work to get into space than watch Bezos. She’d done all the training the men had done but wasn’t allowed to go to space because she was, of course, a woman!!!

  7. This means the rich can now travel to space and the rest of us are stuck down here on earth with China Joe.

  8. Does anyone question any more how ridiculous it is that a single man can bankroll a space mission when it can’t be done by most countries

    Obscene wealth hoarders should be sent to space on a mission to die a slow agonizing death

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