What The Supreme Court’s Job Discrimination Ruling Means For LGBTQ Americans | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Today’s ruling is neither liberal nor conservative. It’s constitutional and a victory for equal rights. Bravo, judges 👏🗽🇺🇸

    1. As if, equal rights will feed the hungry, cure the sick, who won’t have to pay for ventilators, stop racist killings, school shootings, prevent Trump from instigating the criminals, etc.

    2. @Thugsy DaClown Funny how none of that has anything to do with presidency.
      You basically admit Trump is the greatest president, since you can’t counter argue any of his policies that created millions of jobs or passed the most pro-black laws in USA history.

    3. Corazon Sierra that you. It is a privilege to work. It’s a right to run your business based on beliefs. Doesn’t matter if they’re deemed right or wrong by others.

    4. @Hardo Wider all of that has to do with the presidency. It shows his character through the years.
      Funny you are here standing up for his financial aspects of his time in office.
      What country are you from?
      Because the only US citizens standing up for him on CNN or NBC are people who dont believe what is being reported so you are absolutely only here to argue and be a troll.

    5. @Hardo Wider You = a Troll Bot from another country.
      The is absolutely Nothing you can say to convince me you are not one of those.
      You started your fake account 7 months ago, and are not talking about the subject, Only standing up for the Con man in office.
      Bye Falicia

    1. @citizenxgen Wrong, you can believe whatever you want.

      As an *employer* you can’t use your *personal* beliefs against *someone with different beliefs* , basically. No different than it already is with women/minorities etc. Only now extended to sexual orientation.

    2. @Duramax Dad What? I do believe that courts should make the laws and that is exactly what they do and did in this case. What is your point?

    3. @Rin people are being fired for saying that all lives matter. you are trying to tell me that people will not be sued or fired for saying that men can not be women.

    4. @Rin they can now sued and fired for saying that men can not be women. just like you can be fired for saying that ‘all lives matters’.

    1. @J. J. I legit commented about a musical poster and now…..I should have stayed away from he comment section

    2. @Derrick Hopkins tbh I wanna see that press conference….”Washington….do I have to??? Everyone already knows my stance…..everyone knows I was in love with Laurens…..they saw the letters…..fine……I agree with the supreme court ruling….love is love….I’m bi” just the gist of it

    3. @charlie andrews I love Hamilton the musical! But Hamilton also brought slaves for the Schuyler family when asked.

  2. Peoples sexual orientation shouldn’t even be a matter of law. People have a right to live their lives however they want.

    1. @URFTBOUND4LIFE are you stupid yes kids can easily be influenced. And parents should have every right to say no to someone teaching there kids in school. Men in a dress and 2 men together or 2 women together are 100% a choice

    2. URFTBOUND4LIFE you are confused just like a five year old in kindergarten! do whatever you want to do with your life but don’t you uglies come near my kids!

  3. It’s insane that anyone could object to literal equal rights and be pro discrimination. Complete absurdity.

    1. @Corazon Sierra … God is the same in both testaments. He is a God of justice and a God of mercy. He created men. He sent sent manna and quail to feed the Israelites. And He sent His Son to provide resurrection and salvation to mankind. The Ten Commandments are the basis for a stable civilization.

    2. @Abel Mak Conservatives tried to mess with this law in the first place. Liberals put it in place. Homophobia is very common among the right, mainly cause of religion.

    3. It’s not about being pro discrimination. It’s about the government constantly encroaching on ownership rights. If the government passed a law saying gays and trans people should be arrested on the spot, I would protest and fight right with you. Ownership rights are just as important. Private business should be able to hire and fire for whatever reason they want, that’s a basic right. Even if it’s for racist, sexist, or homophobic reasons. If you don’t like it, become a boss. Open a company and hire all Trans people, if you choose. If you want to have these type of laws for government jobs, no problem. Everybody rightfully owns the government. The right to operate your business freely, as you see fit, is a cornerstone of freedom. Emotion over logic keep people from seeing that we are moving dangerously close to being a communist style country.

    4. @wowzers eegads or any people. At all ever. One of the hardest things for me as a father would be seeing one of my kids doing something racist.

  4. Its too bad anyone would have to fear getting fired from their job for any reason that isn’t directly related to their ability to do that job, Read the book Sequence 77. It is more relevant now than ever.

    1. @Sequence77 also conservatives don’t mind change, it just depends what that change is. What I’m seeing now is that if you have dark skin you’re always an angel and if you have white skin you’re always a devil. Just saw a video today where a dark skin person shoved a 92 year old white lady for no reason to the curb. But nowhere on left-wing media is the story. Just Fox News. Why? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative “progressives” want to paint of the world.

    2. @Timothy Dyck Great job demonstrating your ability to generalize. The distorted views usually come from the right. I see a ton of right wing propoganda about Jews, Muslims, Gays and anyone else who is not in a certain pocket of existence. The Left tends to support varied beliefs and isn’t interestd in legislating more narrow views of how life is supposed to be (such as that one man + one woman view spouted earliiiier). Say what you will, but diversity has always been feared by most on the right. They are on the wrong side of all of this.

    3. @S Boloshis no, he’s saying that he is afraid to experience even a fraction of the discrimination that minorities have in this country. Good. Now if that fear can just turn away from self preservation and into giving two shots about why BLM came to be, then we may get somwhere.

    4. Sequence77 I wouldn’t want any sort of discrimination either. I guess as far as law goes we’re all square now.

    1. @bagelee they have all the freedom to start any business they want. Where do they not have the freedom to do that? They can work wherever they want to work but also the company has every right to decide who they want working for them. They make things hard for themselves. Why would anyone hire one they are full of problems. You will always have issues with them. The smart choice is to not hire them. But they have every right and freedom to start their own business.

    2. @Justin Johnson God I’m losing faith in humanity reading your comments. Say it like it is, you have homophobia.

    3. @Justin Johnson health care and psychological professionals disagree with it being a choice. As does most of society.

    4. @C I don’t see how expecting professional behavior at work means I need to grow up. Nobody at work needs to know your views or preferences. They’re personal and personal matters shouldn’t enter the workplace. Leave it at home. If you feel the need to *flaunt* your spiritual, sexual, or political ideology. It’s not appropriate for a professional setting.

    5. @Preston Williams that’s a lie it is a choice and real doctors do not care about how you feel, because that doesn’t change what you are. Most people disagree with it and say its a choice because its 100% a choice there is no changing what you are just because you feel like it

  5. I am a heterosexual man that believes everyone should be treated fairly,regardless of race,gender,etc….

    1. @C whether my political opinions advocate for certain laws that go against the Constitution is a matter for the courts, not what YOU think is against the Constitution. And your retort seemed heavily laced with that perspective. But you ignore what happens in the real world. Just yesterday a principal in Vermont was fired simply because she expressed her misgivings about the BLM movement. She’s entitled to her viewpoint. No justification for her to be fired. And that’s exactly what my previous comment was alluding to. You are very quick to brush off my point and twist it to your narrative over the seemingly constant “persecution” of the LBGTQ community

    2. @Mark Victor by ‘teaching’ you do really mean indoctrination. once again men can not become women and women can not become men.

    1. In the court of law, these decisions give grounds for future situations. Literally no one can now argue that being discriminated against for the reasons that are protected (which has now set in stone to include LGBTQ+) is legal. No workplace, no lawyer, no courtroom, etc.

  6. I always thought Roberts would side with the liberals. Very surprised that one of the Conservatives jumped ship.

    1. “He goes on to rip the government’s claims in the case as apparently “contrived” and “a distraction.””

      (Concerning US Citizenship Question of Census)

      He straight called Trump and his Staff liars. Sounds like a Real Conservative and not one these fake ones who have zero integrity.

  7. I’m honestly surprised it’s been such a long and painful past four years. Maybe my trans rights will be restored soon hopefully

    1. Ryan Ramsey Claiming that the world would be boring if everyone was heterosexual is an extremely ridiculous statement. It isn’t comparable to color, flavor, or sound, . Variety, and differences makes life beautiful , unique , and fun, but differences in itself is not a positive thing, on the contrary some differences could be quite negative.

    2. Chrissy R what has been so painful about it? Has it been the utter hatred and spite those Republicans have shown you? Or maybe it’s been painful because the media’s been telling you it’s painful.

    3. Lavender Goth How about stop calling everyone transphobic if they don’t agree with you. Every single person has issues with other people in the course of their lives. You just deal with it as it as and move on. I don’t know you personally, but it seems to me every time someone disagrees with an LGBTQIA+ person it MUST be homophobic, transphobic, whatever. Maybe they aren’t afraid of you, and don’t hate you, they just disagree. You have been conditioned to have a victim mentality, once you realize that your life and interactions with others will improve drastically.

    4. Interesting that these laws and ways of life have been going on for decades if not longer yet some people always find a way to put Trump into thr conversation. Apparently you have no gag reflex.

  8. The number of dislikes for this video is alarming. So many people still think that their right to detest and hate others is more important than basic human rights for everyone.

    1. @Aslan Nicgarguo Why would the Government have any say in Private Business? Learn the Constitution. Secondly it isn’t even a Problem, only weirdo Right Wingers are obsessed with Gays and Trans people.

    1. Most people though it was already settled but the religious Reich and the Trump administration challenged this claiming religious right to discriminate (religious freedom).

    2. @Glenn Cordova … A lot of Christian folks supported lgbtq rights. Look at the Utah compromise law of 2015.

  9. This is nice knowing I’ll be safe in all future jobs, I’m not old enough to work yet, but I hope it turns out okay.

    1. Its nice knowing that now they just made it harder for themselves to get hired by a company. They cant hire you but than can say thank for your interest we will look over your application and get in touch. I would never hire one

    2. Emily Moran you would have been fine anyway. The hatred and prejudice against the LGBT community exists pretty much only in the leftist media. Yes, there is people that do hate others for their sexuality, but they are an anomaly, not the norm like the media wants you to believe. It’s all just an attempt to make you vote Democrat, make you believe that for some reason republicans hate blacks, browns, gays, trans, whatever. It isn’t real, hopefully you will come to understand that as you grow older.

    1. I mean women get discriminated in their work place for being born with a vagina so wtf do you even expect from Murica in the first place?

    2. @big guy You have absolutely no evidence for your god. But if your god is for discrimination, then your god is a jerk.

    3. big guy hey, separation of church and state is a thing. not everyone believes in your god or practices religion.

  10. I’m confused, wasn’t this already a law? Are you telling me people could’ve been fired exclusively for sexual orientation until now?

    1. URFTBOUND4LIFE you might be right. I’m glad that’s is changed for good. Do you know Trump had an executive order before this to protect their rights? Just an interesting side note.

    2. I reserve the right to discriminate indiscriminately. Ironically That’s the ultimate freedom. They want extra rights so there voices can b heard, how about they get the same rights as everyone else? Of course I want extra rights too, who’s handing them out?

    3. Duramax Dad it’s not extra rights at least right now. It seems they are just where that should have been 50 years ago.

    4. S Boloshis if it’s your boss can’t fire you cause your part of the alphabet people. I support that.
      But I got a hunch it’s going further and wider then that. It may backfire on them. Bosses may not hire any known gays if they fear lawsuits when the time comes to part ways. Hope not.

    5. Alanmikael ok but most likely he’s white, just statistically speaking. Minorities with white names are a minority of a minority. But yeah you’re right I’ve come across people with names that don’t match their ethnicity so you could be right not that it matters though the analogy still works

  11. “In a STUNNING turn of events at the Supreme courts today; we learned that Republicans aren’t actually racists or trans…ist or whatever. The voice of the people really spoke loud today. Donald Trump is expected to Order all Justices executed and replaced with Charles. We now go live to a video clip from 2015 of Obama enslaving brown children”

    1. You love Obama Tell me why he had over 50 race riots under him and Trump only had one? BTW Obama destroyed Syria and handed it to russia. Obama caused the largest migrant crisis all because Europe needed more slaves.. And his buddies in Russia couldn’t get this job done..

  12. It’s incredible how so many people think that they have the right to tell others how to live.

    1. We should b able to tolerate each other but never ask me to adopt your views and I won’t ask you either.

    2. @Ari Kaye Music Actually, no. Most laws pertain to what you are or are not allowed to do to OTHER people.

    1. @Brain SmashR Well, you just said you choose to be attracted to females, which means you also find men attractive. You just said sexuality is a choice, meaning you CHOOSE to date women, but still find men attractive. Nice insult, it really tied your idiocy together nicely.

    2. @Rocko The Wallaby STILL A CHOICE isn’t it, goober smoocher. Or is that too complex of a concept for the lowest common denominator to comprehend?

    3. @Brain SmashR If fighting for LITERAL HUMAN RIGHTS is the lowest common denominator, than sure, but you’ll just continue to be an oppressive bigot while the world’s evolves without you.

    4. @Rocko The Wallaby You don’t deserve special rights for CHOOSING to be different just like the criminals, drug users and other trash with whom you associate.

  13. What amazes me is that it took this long into our history as a “civilized” society to ensure this basic right.

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