What to expect from the 2023 federal budget | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

A panel discusses if the 2023 federal budget will evenly disperse funds to both investments and inflation relief for low-income Canadians.

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    1. Not enough, and thats why they are always borrowing. Not saying they should tax more, they should spend less.

  1. But it only helps the ones that were at a lower end in the previous year, will not help the ones that are now on the lower end.

    1. If you were doing well in the previous year then you should have saved some of it; oh well, you’ll be eligible next year.

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  3. well part of the problem is the cost of living the cost of rental housing due to rent control being circumvented and now new rentals being built at reasonable rental rates. the taxes on taxes charged in grocery stores and their supply chains need to go. the cost of paying politicians needs to be cut in half. if they want to deal with inflation and cause a deflation to lower prices they need to raise interest rates to at least 10 percent to force the lowering of the inflation and cause a deflation which would in turn lower prices as they deflate.

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