What to make of ruling on Trump's financial records? 1

What to make of ruling on Trump’s financial records?


Lawyer Jeffrey Jacobovitz discusses the the ruling and the impact it will have on U.S. President Trump and his election campaign.

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  1. Really?? What about Canada’s financial status and our prime ministers meddling. We don’t care about Schear not wearing a mask while social distancing also.

    1. 7charlierox as a Canadian who has been to Texas many times I would love to move to There it’s a great place in a great country.

    2. @7charlierox I have lived in Houston, Texas 77017 every winter since 1988 and in St. Anicet, Quebec every summer . I have had dual citizenship since 1958..

  2. Hes legit

    This has been him trolling the left all along.

    Careful what you ask for 🙂

    1. “Hes legit” I don’t think so. All his funds are related with Russia, stealing and lying! A vote for Biden is a vote for America!

    2. Because if you can summon the highest office’s financial history, what makes you think all of the public servants in DC won’t have to also?

      Enjoy lefties. The corruption is in its death throes right now. This is evil being tricked into the sunlight.

    3. @john smith Because if you can summon the highest office’s financial history, what makes you think all of the public servants in DC won’t have to also?

      Trump hinted at this from the beginning. If your TDS wasn’t blocking your logic, you could see it plain as day.

      Time to question what the sources you trust are telling you. They have a horrible record for truth.

    1. SNYD cares. Chump may fall down via tax fraud here and abroad and election payment shenanigans w/ the stripper payout.

    2. @M.G Wow, you going back to old news, that was years ago, if there was any truth to it, it would have been charged back then. Get with the times MG.

  3. Didn’t know Trump not showing that info is illegal. I thought it was a courtesy of presidential candidates to show that info… not a law.

    1. So it is okay that the president owes untold millions to foreign adversaries , that he has laundered money for the Russian mob , that his shell companies play shell games and that his sister had to resign her cushy judicial job to stop the Bar Association inquiry into her part in the Trump tax fraud … He has also lied about the world’s longest audit … but hey , s**thole country , s**thole president .

    2. @wee huddy you took the bait hard..

      His intention all along is to have all the public servants of D.C. audited regularly. Brilliant idea that would b near impossible to get passed… until now.

      If the highest office is forced to show their records, what makes you think the lower offices won’t either.

      Careful what you wish for! 🙂


  4. These loop holes that trump has exploited his whole life need to be closed. It should not be allowed for a POTUS to ignore congressional subpoenas by endless litigation

  5. Just imagine what a full investigation of the Clintons and all the other Democrat rodents would reveal . It would definitely be stomach churning .

  6. during election rallies [then] cand.Trump was continuing promising to
    hand over his tax returns. He promised it over and over. As soon as he
    entered the High Office he was rejecting to fulfill his own promisses !

  7. We go after Trump for years after on his taxes and/ or how he made his Money?
    Meanwhile real politicals have been confirmed for criminal Activities but Nobody seems to care…
    I mean he lost half his Money been President meanwhile Obama somehow got rich by being President 🤔.

  8. Yeah apparently you guys have a free country Constitution so yeah go ahead do what you can

  9. Trump should have stayed away from public office to keep his privacy. Now the light will shine

    1. Wratheon (from)1776 ….Do you ever look at your fellow Trump supporters and realise you’re with the dumb folk?

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