What U.S. Departure From Afghanistan Means For China

NBC News' Janis Mackey Frayer reports on how China and Pakistan are looking to step into the void in Afghanistan as U.S. troops withdraw from the region.

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What U.S. Departure From Afghanistan Means For China


  1. I’m so pleased that the USA is out of that country such a mistake to have been there to start with. enough problems in the USA with the american taliban[GOP]

    1. @Lawrence Harris The taliban never attacked the US. If anything, they even offered to hand over Osama. Bin Ladin was killed in Pakistan. None of the hijackers were Afghan. You’re killing me with these mental gymnastics. Do you own stock in defense contractors or weapon manufacturers? You’re a real war hawk, man.

    2. @Matthew Neddeau We protect there country from being attacked, keeping Russia and China in check.The same as we were protecting Afghanistan from being overrun by Terrorist until Bug-Out Biden came along.

    3. @Lawrence Harris I’d rather the money be “wasted” on domestic infrastructure or Medicare for all then guarding a freaking poppy field or bombing some Afghan village.

    4. @Lawrence Harris how long do you see our country funding and supporting this stupid war? You seem like you’re advocating colonizing Afghanistan.

    5. @Lawrence Harris what about Yemen? What about Somalia? Nigeria? Are we going to occupy every country with large contingents of radical Islamists? Why do we have to check Russia and China? πŸ˜†

  2. It just means Afghanistan will welfare Queen china too . Step right up , the middle east is looking for their next mark .

  3. us : “we’ve left afghanistan and the middle east… we are ready to confront china”
    china : “ok… wich one is coming to maturation, among the cool quagmires we’ve been preparing for them, far from china ?” πŸ™‚

  4. see this exactly what I’ve been saving , yes things should have been done differently but now we are much stronger

    1. A very active support actually. Pakistani commandos helping the taliban on ground and Pakistani helicopters and drones bombing from above helped capturing Panjshir

  5. In other words China will rebuild Afghanistan. In return, Afghanistan will gain more power and US and allies will be shxtting their pants.

  6. The Taliban experience will assist the other Silk Road tribes and nations in resisting Chinese control. Uyghurs, Tadjiks, Uzbeks, and the myriad-seeming tribes in the area will not appreciate any attempted assertion of Chinese dominance.
    These are NOT naive peoples, having absorbed foreign invasions since LONG before the USA, England, Russia existed as empire-seekers.
    They have retained self-control for millennia, NOT mere centuries.
    Afghanistan’s war, having begun in the later 1830s, may be over, unless China is so unwise as to change from its trading culture to one of warring.
    The Vietnamese should have convinced them of this, having won TWICE in the early 1400s against monster invasion. Japan did so as well a hundred years and change earlier.

    The Supersize fatmen minds of the USA believe that merely sitting complacently on others, is sufficient. This lesson appears not to have penetrated their sitting organ just yet.

    Beyond this proximate – for it is indeed a proximate, NOT an ultimate activity – interaction, forever lies the FACT that the world is FAR overpopulated by humans, opening uncountable niches, as the crazed social dominance fighting in the USA should have shown to those who have not recognized that overpopulation opens niches for OTHER DNA to evolve to seek, and take, advantage of the excess supersize food our species constitutes.

    There IS NO other outcome for overbloomed, overpopulated species.
    In one dimension we ourselves evolve differences. EVERY other organism extant moves constantly, as we ALL have, to occupy.

    Once, for example, it was clear that low-protein overpopulating islands bred cannibalism- for this is where the least moral resistance and the most cannibalism occurred. DO you REALLY believe that it will not arise whenever and wherever a species overpopulates and overextracts other life as “resource?”
    This is being attempted in California recalls, where the unhinged aggressive minority has TWICE detected aggressive niche-filling. The first time, it worked. the second, unlikely, as the more civilized have been aroused.

    Texas, the unprincipled slave state , retains its peculiar culture, but, do not expect hate and oppression to remain viable, without reaching out to consume elsewhere. That place lived on fossil fuels for too long, refusing to change. It precipitated, along with other exploitative cultures- call them states here, as those political boundaries create pressure toward cultural bounds- that Afghanistan war, that Iraq war lasting nearly as long, and resulted ONLY in stronger resistance by the , in this case, again, Silk Road culture.
    Preventing mixing by stoning their young women to death and sequestration is just a functional epiphenomenon, one that worked.
    The “christian” Taliban of the benighted USA just follows the same ancient path of functional evolutionary answers women here are increasingly in peril of dominance by the cruel.

    These are merely, as I said,, proximate responses, while the CLEAR ultimate cause is denied, ignored, refused to be seen, because we only live so long, each desiring individual power, making coalition with the meanest, most aggressive, when squeezed together like plutonium .

    We have become too toxic for the earth- way back when we deforested Europe for ships and forts.
    Plagues have come and gone, with other, previous cultures not really learning at all.
    Recognize that SARS and a number of other deadly diseases were allowed to persist and grow in China, because economic and social reputation were more important.

    This, right down to ill use of water as sewage outlet, has been causal for other plagues.
    And the “scale” economies have refused to understand that THAT concept is the driver.

    THE human sewage of cruise ships, continues, the demand for mass “vacation” , the delusory emigration to imagined “better” places every time some serious social/enviornmental destruction occurs where the overpopulated live, IS rather creative, when you observe.
    THe crazed immigration into the USA, the MOST violent large society to exist in modern times, HAS to stimulate EXACTLY WHAT IT HAS STIMULATED. It is the MOST LIKELY response.

    Morals are easy to the sequestered, but the species, as you may or may not notice, is NOT a “moral” one.

    EVERY religion has evolved into monstrous cruelty, praising itself – the ingroup, as more worthy.
    I see this phenomenon continue to arise, and because some ingroup latches onto it, others, previously not of that group, attaches themselves like remora.

    But the “we know best” phenomenon is the one you should be observing.

    NO they DON’T know best.

    They exploit for the ingroup, and attaching yourself to them merely gives them power- you are even doing this to gain power through association yourself.

  7. Wait a minute, what happened on the Hill on 1/6/21 was a “beautiful sight to behold” per Nancy Pelosi and I think our country needs and deserves more of that, it’s called freedom and democracy … Isn’t that what we promoted all over the world.

    1. No, the U.S. has destroyed other countries and replaced governments and assassinated leaders of those countries. Explain to me how our troops in someone elses country is fighting for U.S. freedom. I’ll wait

  8. Alright Asia, get ready. We’ve got some time and trillions of dollars to be invested into military infrastructure for the next century or more, , sooooo….good luck with Afghanistan, Pakistan and the rest of the stans over there. Your problem and money pit now…..We’ve got bigger fish to start frying. Yee-haw!!!

  9. Biden hasn’t even been in office a year yet and already we have seen the deadliest day for US troops in the middle east. Let that sink in

  10. China will stabilise Afghanistan by investments in our infrastructures.

    As an Afghan, I welcome China to extract and buy our natural resources.

  11. Flawed and failed US policies started decades ago, and now trying to hide from their mistakes and switch all the gullible Americans to believing there is a new enemy.

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