What Would You Like to Be when you Grow up? In Their Words | TVJ News – May 19 2022

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  1. If they are going to nursing for a better pay they should go and do hair and nails, nursing is a caring job, you have to have love in your heart to be a good nurse, from experience, nursing in Jamaica can not in no way compare to America really no where else, if your white uniform is still clean after 8, 10 are 12 hours work as a nurse you did not do your job

  2. Everything they say is true .and whomever gave birth to this should pat themselves on the back. We adults would like to hear more from these brilliant kids.

  3. Jamaica shouldn’t tolerant training their people for them to take the skilll to another country continue developing other nations while your nation fall into poverty and un skill people by drain Jamaica , Why China become superpower in less than a 100 year is the determination of the it Gov’t and the people of China it was poor than Jamaica with a billion people to feed The Chinese Education them self with the help of the Gov’t ,then they returned to China with the skill and pass down to their people, while we running to America, for you to survive here you will have to do two are three job per week and some time what you learn, the requirements may be different, There is no bed of roses here ,are you ready for the challenge by earning your living honestly.

    1. Some of the Jamaican males want to earn money fast but don’t want to work hard for it so they do it the illegal way

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