What’s known about the mass shooting at a Nashville school

CTV's Richard Madan shares the latest on the school shooting in Nashville where three children, and three adults have been killed.

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  1. The NRA: We need more guns. 450 million weapons aren’t enough. Everyone should be able to conceal and carry without restrictions.

    1. ​@MacHamish do teachers get a pay raise for being a security gaurd as well? Just curious.

    1. You already know they will blame the gun they don’t look at lives lost more concerned on gun control

    1. @Gold As a Canadian, you should know firearm related homicides have increased by nearly 100% in Canada over the last decade.

  2. This is why gun laws should be stricter. Not saying guns should be banned, but psychos like this should not have such easy access to them.

    1. how does one go about buying a gun in this state? any state for that matter? not to mention how does one walk into a gun free zone and do this?

    1. @Danilo Chavarria Canada has had proper gun control for decades and it’s still never enough apparently

    1. ​@wmrme9084 No it actually doesn’t include gang violence at all read up on the stats, it’s shooting incidents where more than 3 were killed at one time, you do realize organized crime/gang crime has its own statistics,

  3. The title of this ‘report’ was “What’s known about the mass shooting at a Nashville school”. Answer: not much, in 1:55 mins.

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