What’s the best mask material for safety and comfort?

What's the best mask material for safety and comfort? 1


When it comes to masks, what's the best material for safety and comfort? Here's what researchers at UBC have determined.

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23 Comments on "What’s the best mask material for safety and comfort?"

  1. No mask

  2. 😕😑 probably something expensive!

  3. Clown mask will do the job just as effectively anyway.

    • @Cameron Baker Please expand on your argument. Just because I don’t blindly follow government doesn’t mean I don’t have independent thought. I’m glad you had the courage to challenge someone online but, how about challenging the government that controls you. WHO do you trust for your information!?

    • Ice Slushi I’m not gonna waste my time with you. Bet I got your heart pumping, eh? You wanted to argue with somebody about politics? Too bad.

    • ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo | September 12, 2020 at 4:08 PM | Reply

      @Ice Slushi Thanks for making my point, you didn’t answer any question, which proves you’re not only a moron, but a punk making up lies. You will be assimilated, you will be forced to take the vaccine as soon as it comes out.

    • Masks don’t do anything for concrete dust never mind a virus that doesn’t exist.

  4. *Covid deniers and anti-maskers are to blame for prolonging this pandemic …. every single one of these fools found on these YouTube channels.  Now’s not the time to double down on stupid.

    • Yes. Blame your fellow citizens, not the blatantly incompetent and corrupt governments. Playing right into their hands… Well done!

    • @Rjr Bl KCis an auto bot trying to publicly shame posters, see TVO’s show “Polly and the Pandemic” they planned this manipulation of the public with artificial intelligence software and monitoring, straight up conspiracy to defraud or mislead canucks. Facts.

    • HoverbotFPV exactly

    • @HoverbotFPV Yes, i am an autobot and you are a decepticon. You are a bad guy.

    • Only a fool would believe or take tam seriously when she gave all the masks away and said they are not necessary three months ago .Dumb or something or just in denial?

  5. in the bio lab they use self contained hazmat suits. drywallers use in N95’s. in either situation, if you want a petri dish, all you have to do is wear it for over an hour. strap that to your face, I dare you.

    • Either you’re filthy or you have a weak immune system if a cloth mask makes you sick.

    • @BLT4LIFE showering five times a day won’t made a differance if your mask is infested. use your own deductive logic. If it worked, that would mean it captured the hazard which also means it will inevitably become infested with it.

  6. Use duct tape!

  7. Russell Zacharias | September 11, 2020 at 2:46 PM | Reply

    Identifies the “best” material other than N95 masks but then doesn’t say what it actually is, what is one supposed to do, go to a fabric shop and ask for “figure skating material” from 20 years ago, please?
    Clip titled “What’s the Best mask material for safety and comfort?” closes by stating a cone shaped N95 is “best”. So a shape and combination of materials that meet N95 standard, neither of which is an identifiable “material”.

  8. When the masks freeze to your faces cases of the cold and regular flu will spike. Maybe we will see our moist breath go right through the crappy improv masks.

  9. Ohhhh, I know I know,… no mask at all!!!

  10. Those invisible masks are the best!

  11. Burn masks

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