Wheel from SUV smashes car’s windshield on Toronto highway

Wheel from SUV smashes car's windshield on Toronto highway 1


A Toronto man says a wheel smashed into the windshield of his car while driving on the Don Valley Parkway.

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12 Comments on "Wheel from SUV smashes car’s windshield on Toronto highway"

  1. couple of months ago, I remember a young guy died from a similar accident on the 401. The other driver should be charged.

  2. The car looks like a undercover police vehicle. Is this guy another police impersonator ?

  3. Charlie St. Niklaus | November 6, 2020 at 10:54 AM | Reply

    Too many hot safeties

  4. I’m baffled how a driver doesn’t notice the tell tale signs of a loose wheel long before it totally separates.

  5. This may sound silly but what is ducking under the dash? Ducking under the dashboard or ducking in the space where your feet are? I’m not sure I don’t get it.

  6. • It’s not even always a whole tire, sometimes a tire explodes (like on a semi with multiple tires) and a piece of the tire comes flying at you, and at those speeds, it doesn’t really matter how big the piece is. Been there. 😕
    • What about that woman who was pumping gas at the gas station when a wheel came out of nowhere from across the street, rolled through the gas station, turned around and smashed into her car, knocking off the bumper. What the heck was that? 🤨 😕

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