Where Does The Ukraine Investigation Go Next? – The Day That Was | MSNBC

Where Does The Ukraine Investigation Go Next? - The Day That Was | MSNBC 1


On Friday night, news broke that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been subpoenaed, Rudy Giuliani says he would agree to testify, and the House Intel Committee is planning a closed briefing with the Inspector General. Where does the investigation into President Trump and the whistleblower’s complaint go from here?

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Where Does The Ukraine Investigation Go Next? – The Day That Was | MSNBC

80 Comments on "Where Does The Ukraine Investigation Go Next? – The Day That Was | MSNBC"

  1. Can’t wait for this nightmare to be over.

  2. Peter Henrichsen | September 28, 2019 at 9:32 AM | Reply

    *Now, that we all know the truth, Sara Huckabee Sanders has to rewrite her new book totally from scratch. 😂😂 Never, Ever lie!*

  3. Daywalker392 Hemi | September 28, 2019 at 9:33 AM | Reply

    Constantly hiding stuff

  4. It’s good to move fast on this corruption

    • @Grimlock316 get it through that thick head of yours

    • @Eddie Orama lol throwing A LOT of stones in that glass house of yours when you say OTHERS have a thick head, Just saying lol. Take it to the bank LMAO!!!

    • @Grimlock316 It is more that the economy is continuing to do well in spite of this very incompetent administration. The huge tax cut for the rich gave birth to the biggest budget deficit, and put the economy on temporary steroid. Those trade wars will eventually backfire and badly hit the average joe.

    • @huckle berry unlikely, the U.S Electorate numbers don’t lie. Between 2017-2018 Republican registered voters dropped 2% – from 31% of the electorate in 2017, to 29% in 2018.

      In the sametime period Democrats picked up 4% of the electorate. Where the Democrats had an over 12 million electorate advantage (40%) in 2018.

      Those trends are expected to continue for the rest of 2019 – 2020. Simply put, the Republican party is literally dying off – due to old age. By 2020 Millennials will be the largest voting block in the U.S. In which the overwhelming majority of Millennials cannot get behind the inept, science denying, corrupt and clownish Republican party.

      Facts matter.

  5. I just wonder if anyone has apologised to the Ukrainians for putting them in a compromising position, lol.

    • fotha Dan : That’s a really good question. Formal apologies must be made, and measures taken, to review the security of the region . . . ✌️👍

    • PSYCHIC Wassim : They ought to, “care,” because Putin wants to invade the whole country, and could destabilise Europe. He already has part of it. And, the Ukrainian government knows that its people can get seriously uppity about these things . . .

    • @cessna caravan – OK>>> great! So, you mean it is all a political game to manipulate people?

    • @Fascism is palingenetic ultranationalism but you see that the party’s president will never going to impeach him, that happened with Clinton and it will happen with Trump.

    • Fascism is palingenetic ultranationalism | September 29, 2019 at 9:31 AM | Reply

      @maycko zelaya ask Nixon about it.

      You people are idiots.

      Either he goes down or the GOP loses the Senate & the White House intstead of just the White House.

  6. “Tekashi69 of the Trump administration”

  7. If someone does something illegal they go to jail. He not above the law. So shave that head put the Orange jump suit on that matches his face.

    • @Packfan69 Wrong. Biden extorted Ukraine to fire a prosecutor or the get none of our tax-payer money. Joe is the mafia kingpin here. Trump, is our top cop, over the DOJ. He can ask anybody to investigate anything. Your using smoke again to cover-up. That is the truth: I know you don’t like it. Sorry about your bad luck.

    • @yellow dog Your viewpoint is charged with smarmy slander. That’s OK, it will remain a free country. The stupid thing is what Sniffy Joe did; he played mafia Don with our taxpayer money by extorting Ukraine to fire a prosecutor. Trump. our top cop, asked them to investigate Hunter Cokehead Biden, a private citizen.

    • @Sid Cobain A President was duly elected and he has had the MSM, The Dem Left, and the Deep State obstruct his polices and try to find (even make up) events to impeach him. Apparently, the American people chose the wrong person but, they did choose him; that’s the law.

    • @MajorDstruction Cardinal Comey has been a dirty rotten liar and an anti-American (we are the Americans) functionary of the Deep State where they follow the globalist one-world government theory.

  8. New Sadam Hussein trial in US .Tests for US justice system working or not.

  9. Just keep talking, Rudy, we’re loving it! He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    • scott chadwick : Too LONG, son. Trump Trolls only get a couple of lines, or they get IGNORED. Except by other Trump Trolls. It’s IMMORAL to waste REAL TIME on lengthy Propaganda, Scotty. Sorry, kid 😊

    • SoHo : Once Trump is out of office, he goes on Trial for Obstructing the investigation into the, “Russian Collusion,” case. The facts from the Impeachment will be added to the Mueller Report, which will be the central evidence at his trials. Why do you ask?

    • BryanM61 : Very true. The Midterms were an indicator that a lot of people who don’t like the Dems, could NOT bring themselves to vote for Trump, either, so they stayed home. Just enough Conservatives voted against Trump, to give America the power to get us here. After all that’s happened since, it’s pretty clear that MORE will be against Trump, than there are, “for,” any other party. I’m Conservative, and I voted Dem at the Midterms. There MUST be MILLIONS like me? I’ve certainly MET MANY ✌️👍

    • John Phantom : And, BTW, that’s just one more thing that America is sick of; the, “Whaddabouting.” I would LOVE to see a Bank Robber, “defend,” them self in court, by saying, “But the other gang that robbed the same bank, a week before has not been fought? Here’s there addresses. Can I go now?” They’re not thinking straight, any more. It’s called, “DESPERATION,” I think? 😉✌️👍

    • Yes and so is cheeto in chief!

  10. I wonder if Donny and Rudi will share a cell, if they do then justice will have truly been served.

    • Mike Wilkinson what exactly will he go to jail for he didn’t do anything wrong

    • What happened to Russia Collusion? LOL.

    • @Elijah Edwards Here is some of the things Trump done wrong…..The most obvious way in which Trump could have violated the law is by soliciting material campaign aid from a foreign government, which expressly violates the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971
      The second area of potential legal liability for Trump relates to his request that Zelensky do him a “favor” right after mentioning how the US “does a lot for Ukraine,” and more importantly, after Zelensky raised the issue of US military aid right before Trump requested he investigate Biden. Next is Trump “misappropriated $400 million in taxpayer money, and instead of using it for government purposes, he stole it to potentially pay a bribe. People go to jail every day in this country for doing that, and it looks like that’s what Trump tried to do.lastly if Giuliani, Barr and other officials aided in the attempt that’s conspiracy.
      But They could always impeach him on whether the president committed “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors” as outlined in Article II, Section 4 of the US constitution.

    • @Mad Hatman I didn’t hear a peep about Russian Collusion in your diatribe. Did you forget about that already after 2.5 years??? Lol

    • Mad Hatman asking a foreign government to investigate potential crimes by Biden is perfectly legal under article 2 of the constitution. It is actually his job as he is the chief law enforcer in our country. Also the only instance I know of when Trump took 400 million was when he took 400 million from Puerto Rico’s disaster relief fund and moved it to fund the wall. This is also legal because it is his job to protect the nation and border security is part of securing the nation.

  11. I’m looking forward to the Netflix mini series when this is all over

    • 1colinb : Yes it has. Read your history. Andrew Johnson survived the, “vote,” but the process put the whole TRUTH into the Public Domain, and the voters were SICKENED by what they learned. Because of that impeachment, Andrew Johnson was voted OUT. But, in this case, it’s starting to look like Trump won’t even get enough votes? Mitt Romney has friends on his side, and he knows he could CRUSH Pence in a Primary. If Pence isn’t in JAIL by then, that is? 😁

    • thiskidkatits : Everyone stopped reading you at, “dems tried to deceive,” son. Trump Trolls need to be BRIEF, or they get ignored. We KNOW, btw, that YOU DON’T, “believe,” you . . . SMH

    • Kaiju EAS : Exactly. If Nixon wasn’t being Impeached, would he have run away? No. If Andrew Johnson hadn’t been impeached, would the voters NOT have kicked him out? It was the Impeachment which, in BOTH cases, ENDED their presidencies, by putting the actual TRUTH into the public domain. Trump’s Tax Records ALONE would END HIM? These Trump Trolls don’t, “believe,” their own Propaganda ✌️👍

    • Adam Nasir : He was the only one, who got MORE popular, because the Witch Hunt, over BJ, angered the voters. The irony was, if they’d have left Clinton alone, the voters may well have been disgusted enough to vote him out, but they just got sick of the GOP’s dirty tactics. This is the reverse of that. America is sick of the stonewalling, and may well vote Trump out, just out of SHEER CURIOSITY. Everyone’s DYINE to see Trump’s Tax Records, now. AND, to find out about ALL those many, MANY other cover ups. Trump is a Conspiracy Theorist’s DREAM. About 20 actual Conspiracies with REAL PROOF! 🤣

    • Southern Fried Cynic : Trump is already a, “punch line,” to the sickest, saddest, LAMEST joke in American History . . . Smh 😁

  12. eddie dominguez | September 28, 2019 at 9:51 AM | Reply

    3:00 what is DONKEY KONG doing in the background?

  13. Rudy said the state department sent him

    • @thiskidkatits yep, they can’t stand, that a businessman bested career life politicians to the gravy seat, that , they wanted . If what trump did is wrong, Schiff too is in the wrong for looking for dirt on trump and so is the whole dnc.
      Trump will win 2020 with a bigger margin !

    • Deja Vu : I think Rudy is a plant, for his old FBI buddies? Seriously? 🤔

    • I wanna see his check stubb from the stste dept.

    • @SD Charlie If you actually knew the facts you would find that the prosecutor who was fired was corrupt and he was not even investigating Hunter Biden’s company. The IMF and most of Europe wanted that corrupt prosecutor out so Biden helped them. It was a good thing unlike what Trump did.

  14. Dear Santa, Please give all the children in the USA a whistle in their Christmas stocking this year.

  15. Stewart Professional Services | September 28, 2019 at 10:48 AM | Reply

    Mike messed up that whole thing with Ukraine.

  16. IQ45 — JUST pack up your Sharpie’s and walk away.


  18. I can see no-one here has done their due diligence on any of this information. Our support shouldn’t be either one or the other, left or right. It should be what’s best for the American people. That means that everyone has the responsibility to communicate the facts, wether it supports the party you identify with our not. That also means if you want facts, you can’t rely on information that’s intentionally skewed to fit your narrative. You have to look at all the available information and, to the next of your ability, attempt to formulate a theory that best fits reality.

    • @Logical Conservative – the only part that is not “aware” , is the part that no one manages to start an official investigation or case. If you don’t have one of those then is an allegation, a theory, a conspiracy, a lie, or just your feelings. I don’t dwell in that kind of “entertainment” because other things are more important. So don’t ask others to look for Pres. Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate, the 10 million illegal voters of 2016, the location of Mexico’s payment for the wall, the deep state, lizard people manipulating others, the Rothschild and global control, or anything else that you can come up with. In the last 5 years of those stories Benghazi is the only one that rose to a Congressional inquiry and after 3.5 years and 7 million dollars Rep.Gowdy had 0 indictments or convictions. By the way he resigned his position at the end of the term. So no if you can muster a case or official investigation.. I dismissed it as just babble.

    • Yawn. PEASANTS wasting time talking about nothing.

    • REPUBLICANS would have believed Hitler too !! 😶

  19. Finally, all the Sharpie huffing has taken effect. Also, strangely enough, this was the very same age that his funky father Frank also had a massive case of Alzheimer’s.

  20. Dam strait damaging, too the real crooks , duh .. Those that scream loudest have most to hide . LMAO

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