1. when i checked my notifications the title was “16140973 atl 1 150k” so i thought something weird was going on in this news videos but it’s just a coronavirus report

    1. 16140973 – some kind of production code
      atl – Atlanta, Georgia newsroom
      1 – First revision
      150k – 150kbps

    1. Listen to CNN’s John King , he knows about disease because he works for a fucking disease.

    2. @Robin Teigen I watch to see what you people think. I wish you leftists were open minded, but it’s ironic that to me the conservative republican sounds more level headed and open minded than the liberal Democrats. I wish you guys would just take 1 day to look up everything bad about the left from as many sources as possible and then cross it into what you know of that certain person and make thoughts on that, not just what you’re told by CNN.

    1. It’s pissing me off how they’re not mentioned in these news cycles. They were right after NY in the largest numbers but they’re swept under the rug.

    2. Syed
      NJ (~9 mil population): over 153k cases and 11k deaths.

      CA and WA combined (~47 mil. population) : 110k cases and 4.7k deaths.

    3. No, but are ypu capable of finding the truth when the powers at be can not, and dig through the politics, the lies, the cor up because they all made mistakes. If you mind is bug into Hate Trump Love Trump your are blind and mind is closed

    1. Over 100 years ago. We have technology that could have prevented 3/4 of the deaths if we had a competent leader.

    2. Lana Kahl oh yeah with a virus we know nothing about with no vaccine or antivirals to treat it, all we have are ventilators and 80% of the people who go on ventilators die.

  2. 2:33 that moment when coronavirus coverage turns into a mix of weather and sports coverage, wtf 2020

    1. Listen to CNN’s John King , he knows about disease because he works for a fucking disease.

  3. Trump January 30th: I’m declaring a health emergency and restricting travel to and from China where it came from
    CNN: trumps a racist, it didn’t come from China, and its not a big deal.

    1. Shame on the WHO covering for China lying it wasn’t human to human contact …
      90% of the dead would still be here if the didn’t lie. Oh well , it will be around a while and go get sun , fresh air and don’t live in fear.
      You’ll be fine

  4. The re opening is great but feels different. 🙁 I need a mask to go everywhere. On top of that its hard to even find good masks, all u can find are these cheap cloth masks from walmart. Anyone know of good places to get masks? so far i have found good masks on amazon.com and usacovidmasksinc.com but it takes a few weeks to get here. Stay safe everyone, have fun but be responsible as this virus is not fully contained yet.

    1. I have several each of 3M N95 NIOSH respirators and surgical masks.
      And full face P100 respirators are available on Amazon. I just bought one for painting and mixing chemicals for automotive and making lava lamps.

    2. The worst thing you can do is be scared and have high anxiety levels during this it brings down your immune system remarkably and your immune system is All You Can Count On to fight this. And wearing a mask actually causes a lot of respiratory issues you will be safer and better off not wearing one and letting these people scare you

    3. U dont need one,if you dont get China virus and develop antibodies you will be in FEAR for the rest of your life

  5. I hear chris cromo is a tough guy can we watch him in a celebrity death match and see if he is

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