1. Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results is literally the definition of insanity!

    1. @John Wellington Intellectually dishonest. BC has done circuit breaker lockdowns, Alberta has avoided this & continued to have open restaurants. Kelowna & other spots are riddled with anti masker, conspiracy nutters… just like AB. But the BC NDP gov acted, unlike the UCP.

  2. He’s avoiding locking down because he knows its useless. Most cases happening in home, so maybe move out of your house now.

    1. @garry w
      They just said the “variant cases” are coming from workplaces, not homes.
      Please pay attention.
      PS. word check is useful in your case.

    2. @Reg U you also moving out like moving area right like another province like pei ot ontario right by yourstatement!did you likw how taxas hjad full staduim let see how tjat tuens out in 2 weeksright

  3. He’s still trying to demand the American government to pick back up the pipeline. He should stay off the pipe.

    1. If I were incarcerated in a women’s prison, instead of my house, at least I would be provided free room, & board from the government, and get laid on a regular basis.

  4. How is it possible that an international Brazilian variant fall through the cracks when we’re subject to such stringent lock downs?!!

    1. “Stringent lock downs” what are u on?🤣 Restaurants & schools are still open.
      Educate yourself on what Australia deems as stringent then get back to me.

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