Where kids are being forced to die at home

A heartbreaking CNN investigation shows how dire the situation is on the ground in Yemen, finding it’s been more than two months since the US-backed Saudi blockade has allowed tankers packed with the necessary fuel for food and supplies to reach starving Yemenis to dock at the crucial port of Hodeidah, which is controlled by the Houthis. CNN’s Nima Elbagir reports from Houthi-controlled Northern Yemen.

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    1. @BustedyurEgo20 When you’re wrong you’re wrong. But trust me, no misses that pumpkin. Lmao

    1. @Robin Roupe Wow, you are easily the most polite person I asked about this. Well it’s your money do what you please.

      But if I could suggest anything you can just use it to pay off your taxes because that check was just 90% taxpayer money anyway.

    2. @Yannis Karageorgiou that’s exactly where it’s going. Right back to the government.
      The rest will go to a new front door , a local coffee shop 😋 and some butterfly garden plants.

    3. @Robin Roupe Those are all pretty nice and since you helped a local shop it stimulates the economy too. Nice job!😁

    1. @Terry Hawk Haven’t you been paying attention? Biden is president now. And by not doing anything about rhis, he is fully responsible. Absolute recklessness in the White House.

    2. @Terry Hawk Biden is the prez now so he needs to answer thins. Trump is responsible too and so is Obama

  1. You can thank the previous president who was so thrilled with his big 100 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.
    Such nice people 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. This is some GREAT!!!!!!! reporting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how CNN is putting out more and more international news to bring light to these geopolitical issues

    1. @n k No, it would be better if America helped itself and stop trying to fix the worlds problem. Enjoy your $1400 check, the world got a fatter piece if the pie.

    2. @Smellyweasel23 ! the US has been helping itself by stealing and bombing Countries resources. Or are you just dumb.

    3. It only took them 6 years and now 3 administrations to cover this but YAY!! CNN cares about journalism😒

  3. I cant see it……I really cant….This remind me the Nazis era….Something should be done by now…

    1. @n k You are missing one important piece to the puzzle: the Obama administration supported the Saudis as well in this war. Both parties have shown that they do not care for the needless suffering of other people if our allies are the perpetrators and if it would cut into the profit margins of the military industrial complex.

      There needs to be some huge changes in America if we want our country to not be a bully on the world stage. Unfortunately though, it seems like many voters don’t seem to care that much, seeing as how it came down between Biden and Trump.

    2. @JTR the Saudi War in Yemen began in 2015, so the little portion under Obama isn’t really comparable to the trump years. He also wasn’t encouraging prince bone saw to dismantle us journalists either.

      I agree on the bigger picture that we need better options, and ranked choice voting and limiting money that can be spent on advertising or given to pacs would be great ways to start. A lot of people are voting against the person they’re afraid of rather than voting for someone they support. We need to change that principle and start having leaders we can truly get behind

    3. The Saudi government are absolutely on the same level as the Nazis. Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, General Tojo, Suharto, Omar al-Bashir, Idi Amin, you name it, the House of Saud can contend with the worst tyrants human history has to offer.

    4. @n k hey dummy this started under Obama and continued with Trump AND Biden. Stop acting like any of those 3 men are different morally from each other. They are thieving war criminals.

  4. You’re telling me they only need 4Billion! Why can’t wealthy nations get together and solve this crisis! At least financially.

    1. Sounds easier then it is, who do you give the money to? Cant give it to the goverment since they are the problem, cant import resources unless they allow it and you cant give it to the cititenz since most have no way to recieve it.

    2. This engineered, and paid for by your tax dollars, thus easily avoidable, if it were only reported on a regular basis. Unfortunately CNN didn’t think this was news for the past 6 years. If you don’t get proper news from CNN, go see the segment of Kyle Kulinski, or democracy now.

    3. @Newdark Neoss I didn’t say it was easy. I’m just putting it in perspective. One man’s wealth ALONE could feed all these people yet all of us “little people” are the ones sitting here trying to figure out how we can help. He and billionaires from around the world not only have wealth but they have influence. Their influence could put pressure on these governments to do the right thing for the sake of humanity. Elon Musk can send a rocket into space but can’t help starving people?

    4. Because they’ve been spending their wealth, for six years, in buying the arms and funding the war, blockade and mercenaries
      They can’t do both, they have priorities

  5. The whoms of War Run Deep cutting across Generations but through these actions most children suffer for the consequences of the old it is truly a high price to pay😞

  6. My heart is in pieces. I couldn’t even watch how those children are dying for starvation. My god help them. Unbelievably sad 😢

  7. When you show a video of children dying yet everyone in power an with money in this world doesn’t care.

    1. We the poor r being manipulated and small businesses eliminated as we starve to death bill gates is buying farmland. Look it up!!!

    1. @Money Bags Really? A bullshit family drama is as important than a genocide orchestrated by Saudi with US being an ally?

    2. @suck adick Did I say that royal family drama is as important famine in Yemen? No. All I said was that people can be concerned about several different news topics at the same time. How people choose to prioritize the variety of topics being presented is purely up to them.

    3. @J M And that’s why I said that’s it’s important to get news from multiple sources as well as independent ones. The famine in Yemen has been going on for several years and has been steadily getting worse. I heard about it on the news when it first because an issue. I can’t remember now which outlet it was but I think it was a large network.

      “all the other stations have been gliding off of Trump news for the last four years,” Well, to be honest, Trump was doing a lot of crap that kept him in rotation on the news for 24/7.

      And I’ve seen plenty of coverage of the nursing home scandal. Are you saying that they’re not covering it all or are they not covering it they way YOU want them to cover it?

      I live in Texas and there has been little coverage on Ted Cruz & his escape to Cancun & Greg Abbott and his poor handling of the “Big Freeze” and his opening of the state despite our having one of the lowest rates of vaccinations in the country. All that has been superseded by the next trending topics. Unfortunately, urgent issues aren’t urgent for long in the news. Things are happening every day. People need to stop seeing everything as tit for tat. So, how do you explain the lack of additional media coverage of Cruz& Abbott? Seems like a Left-Leaning network like CNN would have been dragging them through the mud, right? You know, to make Republicans look bad.

    4. This engineered, and paid for by your tax dollars, thus easily avoidable, if it were only reported on a regular basis. Unfortunately CNN didn’t think this was news for the past 6 years. If you don’t get proper news from CNN, go see the segment of Kyle Kulinski, or democracy now.

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