Which Democratic Candidates Will Make The Cut? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Imran Muhammad is not full on socialism. It’s just basic socialist programs like police, military, social security ect. Full on socialism would be the government controlling all means of production and splitting the money evenly with the people. In fact one of the most successful countries in the history of the world was a full on socialist country. They no longer exist but it wasn’t because of socialism that they’re no longer a country.

    2. DNC Tries to Force Gabbard, Sanders, Beto, Yang, and Stein Out of Presidential Primary.. The DNC Only Wants Biden, Warren, and Harris In The 2020 Race!!

  1. Hopefully Biden does not get the nominee. A lot of seeing voters would vote for trump again if that’s the case.

    1. @Wendy Pastore I just won’t vote again. I didn’t like Hillary or trump and didn’t vote, and i don’t like Biden and i hate trump now.

  2. It is absurd the way MSNBC dismisses Bernie’s candidacy, by reporting that Biden and Warren are the only two real choices, in their opinion. They never give Sanders much positive attention.

    1. Because they know he’s the real deal and their intention is to black him out as much as they can because they fear him.

  3. Lol i love how this fool didn’t mention Bernie at all. Someone who is a clearly no 2 in almost literally every poll.
    This is just disgraceful

  4. Does democrats even want to grab the baton at this stage? Whole thing is going to the gutter after trump smashing control switches like a mad man. Maybe should let Trump take the fall HE DESERVES then clean up him and his supporters for good. Like they say, Short term pain for long term good. The union can survive a recession but future is in doubt if Trumpanzees are not CLEANED UP!

  5. Warren or Sanders. Maybe they would volunteer to go on camera once a week and make fools of themselves so Republicans don’t feel homesick.

  6. Beto Beto go back to Texas and save America by taking on John Cornyn and winning. Biden better strap himself back into his sarcophagus ASAP. We all know that Biden will implode and it will either be Warren/Sanders2020 or Sanders/Warren2020.

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