White House: Pipeline Has Not Suffered Damage After Cyberattack, Can Be Brought Back Online | MSNBC

After a cyberattack forced the Colonial pipeline to shut down its operations on Friday, Homeland Security Advisor Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall explained the pipeline has not suffered any damage and will be brought back online when it is determined to be safe.

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White House: Colonial Pipeline Has Not Suffered Damage, Can Be Brought Back Online | MSNBC


    1. Cheaper than that after eight years of Obama. Just saying. No planes flying into building or killer Pandemics either. Just boring old economic growth.

  1. Yeah, who thought the pipeline itself was attacked? It was pretty clear in the report that it’s a cyber attack on the computer system that runs the actuation of release valve’s and pumps and relay stations. The automated system’s that are computerized. Not a physical attack on the structure or holding facilities.

    1. No one thought that. Just because you don’t understand how things work doesn’t mean that everyone else is as uninformed as you are.

    2. @Heather Melissa I see your point, at the same time so many people jump to conclusions these days sometimes things get blown out of portion due to misunderstood information.

    3. @B. T. That’s a norm that needs to be recognized and put a stop with better cyber infrastructure across the board.

    4. @Loren Inglish
      Leon Panetta and others have been sounding the alarm bells for years.
      Panetta since 2012 publicly.

  2. Let’s speed up the conversation a little; I am guessing it will be called the cyber-proliferation international treaty. Something like that.

  3. Trump is the only candidate in American history to conspire with an enemy to get himself elected President.

    1. @Free speech Is dead Bill Barr and Rudy Giuliani will be providing it shortly. They are not going to jail for Trump like the clowns Manafort and Cohen.

  4. trump russians attacking America – trump’s weak response “i dont know why they would” . . . traitors

  5. All of our systems must include Manual Safety Overrides. Until then they will be subject to cyber attacks.

  6. Capital hill and a Tiny little wind up soldier wiring and wobbling away. Nancy Pelosi have a cigar? What? TNT? That is an exclusive Parisian wine cave brand, how about a lite Nancy old girl? Bang! G that was quick, how’s about another Wil E Coyote ugly ACME Parisian cigar?

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