White House press briefing with Press Secretary Jen Psaki | USA TODAY 1

White House press briefing with Press Secretary Jen Psaki | USA TODAY


White House Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki

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  1. Jen is as uninformed as biden. This administration doesn’t compare to the previous one. They’re like a bunch of sophmores interpreting governance, and failing the course miserably.

    1. Sure, I miss the adversarial, combative attitude of people like Sanders. The evasive or false answers, the obvious contempt, the lying and propagandizing. The twisting logic to explain away the latest embarrassing blunder or outrageously ridiculous statement or tweet from Trump. Yeah, those were great times – not.

    2. @J. L. Paul its OK. You can have your opinion.
      Hows fuel prices where you live? Employment ok too? Border is looking real secure now, isnt it?
      Sorry you didnt like Sarah, I thought she slayed the liberal press daily…
      Joe’s your man….

  2. I’m personally truly embarrassed for the United States of america. The USA is a laughing stock of the world right now

  3. Two doctors walked in the room as I shouted, ” Satan!.” Startled they stepped back twice and quoted me saying, ” SATAN!?!?!” I then pointed my phone towards them with a picture of this…

  4. You guys better leave up the fences around the white house for the Tokyo leader coming. Show them who you guys really are.

    1. I can take dementia any day than the previous porn star president who is good for nothing, knows nothkng about anything, screams, cannot form a coherent sentence.. ohhh God. Pls let’s not talk about the disgraced, twice impeached, con man that we kicked out of the white house.

  5. Fox: “Why cant fox talk to Joe BIden.”
    Psaki: “You’re talking to me 🙂 That should be good enough”

    1. @Mike Oveli You heard for 5 years straight from every news outlet in America that Trump was a Russian spy. Without producing one shred of evidence. I feel sorry for America.

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