White House press secretary says ‘no indication of aliens’ from UFO takedowns

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tells reporters that the US military did not find any indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity from the unidentified flying objects shot down over North America. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. its funny how they keep the whole stigma going while also saying theyre trying to stop it. this is gross. there is no indication of anything considering its at the bottom of the drink and ice. these folks would still deny whatever even if it was sticking its unit in their mouth. there is no proof that anything has happened at all, for that matter. so, we could just as easily say youre lying about it even happening at all. how about nothing but fact for a change. if you dont know just say that, and thats exactly the case here.

    1. @Midwest

      Ive been following Press Sec. since President Clinton’s Mike McMurray. Both parties have had good and bad Press Secretaries.

      KJP is absolutely the worst. She is not articulate. She rarely answers questions. She must refer to that binder practically everytime.

    1. @Jose Martinez holy stupid. They all are bad. But republicans believe in better things. Trump was the only one to stand up against the matrix and do what he wanted.

    2. After 🦕 Dinos
      Monster locness
      The signs in the field
      Land on the moon
      Now they come up with UFOs 🛸 attack 🤣🤡 us leaders never back up in front of a hoax
      The More big is the lie, the more people bite…
      They send themselves the 🎈 and shoot them…what a circus 🤹‍♂️

  2. What evidence of anything does she have to offer? You can laugh but playing down the numerous sightings over the last 60 years is another insult!

    1. Mr. General at the press conference understood if it was “all in” not “alien”. We shoot down balloons with F35s and thousands of dollars worth of missiles. We say we don’t know how to keep it in the air because none of us have ever seen a balloon fly away. And we don’t actually know if it was a balloon for several days, but then suddenly we do, even though we haven’t found it yet and we don’t have any good public record video or photos. But you can rely and trust our national security in everything they say…. And we really don’t understand how you can spread something about aliens among the people. After all, such an idea is absolutely ridiculous after we have been presenting it to you here for years as a real version of the published UAPs in our skies.

  3. How can they/she say this when we still haven’t been informed of the full forensics of all the four items that were shot down?

  4. Ok am no genius but I wanna know how octagonal or sphere flies with out wings gas or propulsion 😒… They just float around defying gravity how? And also, I think I remember another scenario where something crash somewhere in New Mexico, some one said it was a flying disc and then it turned out to be a balloon, specifically a flying high altitude weather balloon, and mysteriously the same story goes for this one too… Haha a 100years later almost

  5. I’d say I’ll believe it when I see it but so far we haven’t been shown or told anything so.. prove it I guess. Whatever tf it is remains to be seen.

  6. You think the government really going tell you the truth lmao. We know for a fact that we are been visited and have been visited. Think about it why haven’t they released pics in videos of the objects. This universe is to big for us to think we’re alone we are nothing special we are not superior.

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