White House, reporters push back on disruptive journalist at press briefing #Shorts

A White House press briefing featuring the cast of “Ted Lasso” was briefly derailed after correspondent Simon Ateba repeatedly interjected, prompting pushback from the White House Correspondents Association and other reporters.

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  2. This guy is 100% right. I’m tired of the softball questions while this administration is lying about how great of a job they’re doing. It’s about time someone speaks up.

    1. As long as there are PASSiVE citizens Ike you , continuing to sit there and allowing this to continue …..we are one gunshot away from a severe civil war…..and yet u sit there…… I seriously think that if you don’t put forth action to change this B.S. , Then you are a part of the problem…..you are NOT ALONE….most of America, does NOTHING…..

  3. “Pal & mind your manors” WTF is this guy from, oh right the front row. & No we don’t have choices in America today !

  4. I always thought the process was unfair. Them picking who they want to ask a question. Every press conference they should draw 20 numbers and those people get to ask questions in the order of their number.

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  6. …good for Press Secretary allowing the press audience to squabble amongst themselves… they are merely press briefs ….

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