White House To Justice Dept Officials: You Can Do What Whistleblowers Did At EPA | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) encourages whistleblowers to speak out within the Justice Dept., "If you’re seeing things that are really wrong, you can do what a lot of whistleblowers did at the EPA that put the skids under Scott Pruitt.” Aired on 02/12/20.
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White House To Justice Dept Officials: You Can Do What Whistleblowers Did At EPA | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever – Republicans keep trying to out the whistleblower for one reason and one reason only — to open them up to harassment and threats. Intelligent people can see this plain as day.

    2. @wolfman02 so true, WB has done his job and should get cred, but tRumpnisme is to trash talks any who stands up and they try to turn the point around it.

    1. @Nadia Silvershine Amy can’t defeat Trump we need someone. The people can believe in and someone who can stand up to Trump. The only two people Right now is Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg?

    2. @jim Moore Trump will slam Bernie for being a socialist, and Bernie will go cuckoo with rage. And also, he won’t get enough crossover votes from Independents and moderate Republicans who are disillusioned with Trump. What’s Bernie gonna do when Trump screams SOCIALIST?

    3. @Nadia Silvershine Then Bernie needs the counter by accusing Trump of being a Russian asset. And do you know who else was a socialist? Jesus the very same Jesus that these evangical nutjobs worship

    4. @jim Moore Amy can throw binders and stapler at her staff, so she is well equipped to take on Trump. Bernie Sanders had a heart attack just a few months ago — he is not equipped to take on robust but obese DJT — Bernie’s supporters are; they are like an army. As for Mike Bloomberg; aren’t you offended that he is buying his way into this election?

  1. Sometimes I think I need to empathize with trumpists for getting brainwashed. But then they open their mouths.

    1. Christine Wright but the very definition of being brainwashed is that they really do think the lies are the truth.

    1. @wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever Let’s brush up on spelling first, so we sound remotely intelligent. Or, still maybe not.

    1. Yes, well, Trump has set it up so that as soon as she does, he can claim it as justification for a pardon to right a wrong, etc, etc. His base and Congressional allies are already primed for it.

    2. Muddy Water continue to impeach and many lawsuits will be brought against him and his cronies when his term (first or second) ends.

    1. Except men and women of substance are concerned for their families futures. Not every honest person wants to martyr themselves.

    2. No, they aren’t worried. They are simply leaving the employ of our government. Leaving all yes-men. And here we have a congressman saying that America really needs to do something about this. After impeachment, not only are we no better off, we are way worse off.

    3. Bev Bevans they may be leaving though and hiring lawyers themselves so they can testify. Officers such as these don’t speak out while under employ of the government. Give it some time before you assume anything.

  2. I think when America gets past this the Constitution needs to be tweaked quite a bit to shield we the people better than it does and dry up every loophole dealing with The Presidential power and give it to WE THE PEOPLE

    1. @Gym Jordan’s Hairline WHOA. Re-read. My post says nothing about attending physical protests. I have cautioned against it, in fact. Anyone who was around, or saw what Mayor Daley ordered upon the protesters at the Dem. Convention of ’68 would have to think before considering such a thing. I was a little kid then, and still remember it. Brain injuries are permanent, and leave people susceptible to severe side effects for the rest of their lives-including sudden death. Especially today, with our militarized police forces that have already acted harmfully and irresponsibly, I am about civil action that has nothing to do with physical protests.

    2. Personally, I think the whole system should be replaced by a parliamentary one. That would give much more control to the voting public and eliminate the possibility of a “leader” such as Trump. An asshat like him could be gotten rid of by a vote of no confidence. We would also finally not be stuck with just two political parties and would have proportional representation, so that minority interests actually have a voice. I think it was ultimately a mistake to go the federalist route and makes ours a winner-take-all system with the only remedy for removing public officials being impeachment by a partisan government. We’ve just seen what an epic failure that has turned out to be.

    1. @Jerry Caires Jr Yes… It can be done but it would drag through the courts for years. Trump is not going to leave the White House without attempting President for Life. Prior to that will be his hourly hissy fit and egotistical self centered rally.

  3. LMAO. Trump using the same olde tired lies about being treated “unfairly” and “scam” investigations. Interesting that he uses these words but never actually provides any proof of his statements. Oh, the cult doesn’t need facts. They just obey the Great Orange Clown.

    1. It’s for the best that they don’t think for themselves; trump will be in jail soon and they will crawl back under the rocks from which they came.

    2. Andrew Brent
      -Have you read the IG’s report?
      -Have you seen the Ukrainian court documents?
      -Have you seen the emails from Burisma to our state department?
      -Did you know the “whistleblower” also was involved in starting the Russian collusion hoax? His name is in the Mueller report.
      The media is not going to tell you the truth.

    3. Exactly. Trump’s been leading a cult since 2015. This is why he must be defeated in November, and hopefully a lot of his craven GOP supporters in the House and Senate will be tossed out with him.

  4. Just a friendly reminder that Russian troll bots are unfortunately everywhere in the comments these days. Ignore them. Don’t engage or react. Just ignore.

    1. krokion
      I agree, and it’s getting frankly out of hand on channels like these. Admittedly, it’s a tricky thing to police…and they’re probably all using VPN’s to boot, but from what I can see, YT has made ZERO effort to mitigate the issue.

    2. Anytime you read the truth, you label them Russian troll bots because you can’t handle the truth. You are a pathetic crybaby.

  5. Lol at “too early to make changes”, it looks like it’s too late “his political appointees are in place” and the crooks have their fingers on the scales of justice. But it’s “Donald Trump” so breaking separation of powers, obstruction, etc. get a pass.

    1. The Antichrist has taken over the US. There is quite simply no other possibility. We are here. This is it. The Beast will demand full loyalty with his mark. Trust in Jesus for strength to endure.

    2. This person does not recognised this country either. I am saying WTF every day since this orange turd was elected. I just simply feel we are all part of a mob with a orange god father. It’s insane.

    1. Francis Fulloffrenchpeople
      Isn’t it seriously depressing that most if not all tRump supporters won’t see a thing wrong,even now,with tRump an his mob boys
      God help America she needs it now
      2020 NOVEMBER

  6. This is only happen because the Republicans Repersentives and GOP turned their back on the United States Constitution and oath of office.

    1. Roxane Reddy

      During Watergate, there were some principled GOP legislators on The Hill.
      Nowadays, there might be…one.

    2. Roxane Reddy They saved the Constitution by squashing the fake impeachment.
      But I would like to thank Schiff and Nancy for helping re-elect Trump! 🤣

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