Who are the Taliban and how did they come to power in Afghanistan? | Just the FAQs 1

Who are the Taliban and how did they come to power in Afghanistan? | Just the FAQs


Taliban means "students" in Pashto, and at one point, leaders of the group were American allies. Here's how the Taliban conquered Afghanistan. RELATED:

WASHINGTON – Taliban fighters marched into Afghanistan's capital city on Sunday, signaling a collapse of the Afghan government two decades after the U.S. invaded the country in the "war on terrorism."

The swift fall of the capital city came as the Taliban seized nearly all of Afghanistan, despite the billions of dollars spent by the U.S. and NATO to build up Afghan security forces.

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  1. While everyone should despise the Taliban, staying there and continuously deploying soldiers for the next few years will absolutely solve and accomplish nothing, as nothing was accomplished the first 20 yrs. Everyone wants to blame someone or something….we all failed and our failures have impacted the lives of real people.. Dittzx.

  2. Pakistan’s military intelligence has a considerable vested interest in what happens in Afghanistan, despite claiming to be an US ally. It helped create the Taliban & continues to support it behind the scenes..

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