Who are the winners and losers in Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle?

Who are the winners and losers in Trudeau's cabinet shuffle? 1


The Strategy Session panel discusses Prime Minister Trudeau's new cabinet and who the big winners were after the shuffle.

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32 Comments on "Who are the winners and losers in Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle?"

  1. CANADIANS lose across the board, judging by his last term. Smh. Self evident.

  2. Changing seats in the clown car.

  3. More gun control on law abiding citizens and nothing on gun crime , Bill Blair is on the rampage and has no clue what he’s doing.
    2019 stats prove we don’t have a gun problem, we have a gang and crime problem . Let’s not go after the real problem drugs that cause all of these crimes .

  4. Canadizns are the losers…everyday that trudeau fungus iz breathing through the halls of our once great parliament building, canadians lose.

  5. gerald seivewright | November 20, 2019 at 8:06 PM | Reply

    what a crockjust more of the same untill the west lreave

  6. Winning side: The talentless bureaucrat politicians gritting more taxpayer money.

    Losing side: Canada and Canadians at large

  7. Get ready … massive debt to keep growing and growing .. As we deal with No leadership or vision of our country ..

  8. Seamus MNR? You gotta be kidding me! lol. AA more like it.

  9. Just what we need a Deputy PM with emotional issues…ugh

  10. Canada defence procurement, no modern fighter planes, useless ancient subs, no destroyers. Mmm there is a chance to improve.

  11. Under Trudeau we have over 800 billion in healthcare unfunded liabilities alone. And all he cares about is bringing in third world migrants to prop up a housing bubble.

  12. Giving Billy Blair the public safety hat is as tone deaf as it gets.

  13. The biggest problem is that Trudeau is making the choices…..

  14. MARGARET SCHAFF | November 21, 2019 at 12:57 PM | Reply

    The Liberals are working towards an Autocracy also known as a Dictatorship. First step. Completely disarm ordinary Canadians. Nobody out here trusts the Liberals any more.
    Bill Blair says he can do whatever he wants now all it takes is “An Order in Council”

  15. There all losers they must have sold out

  16. Canada is doomed. The clown running the circus has destroyed our energy sector, destroyed our global markets with China and India and a lot more, destroyed our charter of rights, robbed our veteran’s of there benefits, destroyed our housing market through a weaponized form of immigration, currently trying to rob law abiding citizens of there guns, supported ISIS, blackface, made Canada more separated than ever before to the point where the east and the west want to leave, the list goes on. If you voted Liberal your not a Canadian your a criminal, a accomplice to all of his crimes shame on you.

  17. The presenter was too much happy only when the conservative guy was speaking!!! Is he conservative?

  18. Seamus O MNR He couldn’t run a hot dog stand

  19. Ricky Rickardo | November 22, 2019 at 7:28 AM | Reply

    As long as these Clowns are in power we all lose.

  20. Canada is screwed under the liberals , I wonder why cost of buying a house has went up so much in the last few years 🤔

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