1. the sun emits light, its warm and blinds you if you look straight into it. the moon gives fake light, its cold and you can see every detail in it. the word ‘lunatic’ comes from luna, which means moon. seek the sun and true light.

    2. @Yazan Armoush then use your logic to question reason. thats precisely why we got here. humans denied the supernatural and have been trying to explain it. only to create even more misteries and dig their graves further into the abyss of confusion and deception. there are things without explanation, yet we foolishly try to explain them and create abominations.

  1. This clown just said how wonderful a job china is doing to contain the virus but now it’s a global health emergency, WHO is a joke, dissolve it so every country can save their taxpayer some money

  2. It’s just the Democrats in the house trying to deflect attention from their failed impeachment attempt.

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