Who Really Benefits From The Gig Economy?

Studies have shown 69% percent of Lyft drivers identify as a member of racial minority and/or ethnic group. Dorian Warren, Co-President of Community Change, breaks down how gig economy companies are courting politicians to help them make more profits while taking away the rights of workers. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Who Really Benefits From The Gig Economy?


  1. Gig companies are exploiting a loophole to avoid having to provide wage and benefits to employees. It’s like how Wally World avoids providing benefits to their slaves by telling them to apply for state welfare.

    1. @Heritage Karma lmao, ok bud most gig workers aren’t just Lyft/ Uber drivers.. you know those big lovely cell phone towers used to provide data services to your device… gig workers with degrees build and maintain them… those “low skilled” folks who used to be regularly employed at your favorite providers.. are now gig… and get this they are hired as temporary contracts without benefits… revolving contracts that end at a certain date and then another group is brought in, to save the corporate owners $$$ lol but go off on skill, I guarentee you aren’t even half aware of what is all encompassed as gig work.

  2. I’m a gig worker and I have many apps, I go where the money is. I found out after about 6 months that rideshare doesn’t nearly pay enough for the cost of using your car and charge a platform fee of about 36% of what people pay for a ride.

  3. Gig jobs like this are tailored for the corporation on all levels. Pay the workers better than living wages and then charge the customers the appropriate cost for the service. Low wage workers and cheap labor costs do not create a healthy economy. Pay better than living wages. If the biz model proves to be unviable when everyone is treated fairly, it is not a good biz model.

  4. It’s too bad they all don’t know their Americans.
    If you don’t pay I work somewhere else.
    The math on any of these platforms will never pay you for wrecking your car. They destroyed all the hard working taxi drivers. But then again critical thinking is not taught in the public schools.

  5. All large companies do this or there wouldn’t be travel nurses that is the big lie in nursing

  6. Only the employers who game the system and their employees to maximize profits. But there are many who have no marketable skills. So perhaps it’s a win for everyone.

  7. This is why companies should NOT be counted as people for campaign donations, and they should not be able to use dark money in campaigns either. We should KNOW who is paying for the politicians.

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  9. I worked in the gig economy. I helped build all the big name concerts you go to. Ariana Grande, Pitbull, 21 Pilots, Drake, you name them, their concerts happened because of people like me.

    I got paid so little that I had to move back with my parents. I worked so hard that I was messing up my back and making myself bruised all over. I was exhausted, and I have nothing to show for it.

    Every worker in America deserves to live on one job. Any decent progressive country should provide for every one of its workers, but America refuses to stop the parasitic billionaires.

  10. 5 bucks is my minimum tip these people are our lifeline to the outside world please tip then generously or don’t use their service they are not your slaves the more you tip the better the service and they do keep track of who and how much you tip

  11. Gig workers, stop taking super low offers for high miles. You’re screwing yourself over along with every other driver who been doing this for years who actually know what we’re doing. Do some research before you get into ANY job.

  12. You point out people of color, but I’m also seeing a lot of old people doing this. When people get to a certain age they should be able to retire and live in dignity instead of having to hustle for two bucks a delivery.

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