Why Big Tech Needs To Be Rebooted And What It Means

Stanford University professors Rob Reich, Jeremy Weinstein and Mehran Sahami join Morning Joe to discuss their new book 'System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can Reboot'.

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Why Big Tech Needs To Be Rebooted And What It Means


  1. So much hot air coming out of that studio, they’re bound to create a hurricane and destroy something which is hard to know!
    Case in point: We still have the unregulated derivatives market,
    only now it has at least tripled it’s size!!
    Something, or someone, has to give…

  2. Make the Big Tex companies pay there fair share. If we don’t the poor and the middle class will pay more in taxes and things won’t be buying anything extra.

    1. But Big Tech buys the politicians off and curries favor of left by de-platforming and de-personing conservatives. .

    1. Not just Facebook, but 3rd party apps also advertise “fake news” sources during your usage of said app… my android video editor regularly advertises News Now, and OAN…

    1. I think, you think, the 70’s were better than they were. The past always seems better but it’s not usually reality. A lot of crazy things were going on then also. And just as much hate as today.

  3. “Collective action” ..Doesn’t that seem like a round up call for the masses like Germany did .
    Tech control.. who then controls ?

  4. I’m finishing reading ‘The age of surveillance capitalism’ by Shoshana Zuboff. System Error, seems to be a reasonable next read to better understand these organized criminal enterprises.

  5. That sounds like a whole Lotta boomers being really scared of technology that’s going to Make them irrelevant. If they are going to lose their job to an AI, society now needs to move away from a work to live model and except that technology does a better job than we ever could. We are attacking technologies the only respond to the content which we produce. Point being we are the problem not the technology

  6. I’m honestly glad I deactived Facebook. Got sick of all the fighting and garbage content. It was hard to get use to not opening that app when I was aimlessly killing time.

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