“Why did it take a whistleblower to sound the alarm?” | Joly faces questions about China

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly was questioned about why it took a whistleblower and public reporting to get the government to act.

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  1. Took two years because it would have had a negative impact on their polling. It’s clear that recent actions by the Liberals are done in self interest rather than the interest of Canadians and Canadian democracy. Liberal MP’s have a very difficult answering legitimate questions and it makes them look completely incompetent. The CSIS whistleblower has just put their incompetence in the foreground and I hope Canadians can see that come the next federal election.

  2. Hold on, so the guy being threatened didnt even know he was being threatened? Sounds pretty counterintuitive.

    If you want threaten someone, your goal is to make them know. Otherwise there’s no point.

  3. Took you two years to figure out that this guy should be leaving Canada now they get an extra five days this is Canada now it’s ridiculous

  4. She is funny! I think I heard her say that Marco could answer the question. What a zinger!

  5. Zero accountability … Unwilling to take responsibility… Gross negligence for 2 years in a row … Gross incompetence

  6. Joly is NO diplomat, she is stuck with this situation and has no idea what to do. Waiting for Justin to tell her what to do. She is not a solid nor senior minister despite her position.

  7. Are Joly and Trudeau ‘experiencing each other’ differently behind closed doors?

  8. How is it that Joly moved from a minor portfolio to one if the top cabinet positions in the Trudeau government? 🙃

  9. Joly did not answer the question, of course. They only defend themselves. They can never be wrong! They can never admit their mistakes.

  10. The one thing I hate about Canadian politics is all of the French. Watching politics is literally the only time I would ever need French lol. I’m glad that I learned Spanish instead.

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