1. Elizabeth Warren, policy plan, Intelligent, Articulate, the peoples choice. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

    1. @Cadre Deux I think many from around the world are interested in who becomes President. I see nothing wrong with it. Australia and US have an excellent relationship. It’s my number one country that I want to visit. The only problem is watching CNN – number one in fake propaganda.

  2. πŸ™‹…I get poled every Saturday night….by the same…pole-ster……πŸ•΅οΈ…

    1. @Captain Hobbit ..πŸ€— that’s what your daddy said….as he…”tile-leed”…up the pole…πŸ§—…..πŸ•΅οΈ

    1. @Florida Man So, because he’s strong on border security (as any other country is and should be) that makes him racist? Got it. Strange. For such a racist person he’s employed and empowered many, many minorities. But yeah, go with the he’s racist card because the media told you to so.

    2. @Tucker Carlson If liberals were able to use their food stamps to contribute to democratic candidates, Trump’s roughly $25 million in 24 hours raised would be tarnished.

    3. @Matt Baker he’s also employed (in his cabinet) and empowered many many racists with his white nationalist agenda and fear mongering demagoguery. So that’s another great accomplishment for trump.

    4. @Tucker Carlson yes…billionaires love trump. They love him. Just like they love the real Tucker Carlson for helping to convince the working class to blame brown folks for their problems.

    5. @Florida Man So in other words you have no valid, factual argument for my previous comment. Got it!

    1. @Shawn Marla Lemon isn’t worst.

      He is a poltical talk show host, like the View.
      He lies and he isn’t completely truthful, but he doesn’t brainwash people, like Maddow, Whoppie Goldberg or Fox News,
      I don’t think Lemon is FBI, CIA, Think Progress, the NYtimes, WaPo or CAP .
      I’d say Melber, Lemon and Mika and Scarborough aren’t Intelligence Assets.

      He isn’t the worst, but he is pretty bad.

    2. ocumstweezers he doesn’t brain wash lol what do you call his democrat followers ? Definitely brainwashed

    3. @Shawn Marla Lemon isn’t a profesional. like Maddow or Rush Limbough or Ben Shapiro.
      If he switched from his program to being a host of a Morning Show like GMA or a program recipes and chit chat, it would be the same Lemon.
      He is dishonest but he isn’t a spook.

      You can tell, he doesn’t try to convince and sermonize and fear monger, he just has a pedestrian knowledge of current events and State Craft and idiotic notions about how things work in the world.

      He probably believes that Congress is powerful, and the Democrats are basically honest people trying to do the right thing, that type of tripe.

    1. Cnn has a clear corporate bias. Joe Biden has been in the Democratic primary polls ever since he peaked in May. Warren 2020.

    2. @Captain Hobbit, I see when you cannot disprove someone’s argument you resort to ad hominem attacks. Also, homophobic men tend to be insecure about their masculinity and like to project that onto other people.

    3. I can’t believe people are still paying attention to poll numbers after what happened in the last election and poll numbers and people are still believing in them that’s crazy that shows your ignorance poll numbers are meant to be manipulated

  3. And CNN execs wonder why the Hallmark Channel had more viewers last week than they did! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Biden won’t talk about HIS policies.
      Warren’s telling you exactly what she will do. In a day when we have complete morons accepting blatant lies from candidates and electing them , we at least need to start cleaning up the process by not voting for people who WON’T tell you what their plans are!

    2. Matt Russillo – How true! Infanticide, coddling illegal aliens, socialism, hating Trump, endless baseless investigations, reparations, felons voting, and higher taxes… at last, the dems have finally assembled a party platform!

  4. 0:34 joe dominating on Africa America voters πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ CNN 🀑

  5. Ahahahahahahah
    Dumbest news ever
    Trump just crushed biden 24 hour money raised. Biden 6. Trump 25 million.

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