Why escaped Atlantic salmon pose a risk to the west coast

Why escaped Atlantic salmon pose a risk to the west coast 1


Thousands of farmed Atlantic salmon have escaped into the waters off the B.C. coast. Melanie Nagy has the latest.

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7 Comments on "Why escaped Atlantic salmon pose a risk to the west coast"

  1. Why would there be Atlantic salmon on the Pacific why not farm Pacific salmon on the west coast and only use Atlantic salmon on the east coast.This is so stupid ,being surprised that farmed salmon escaped ,fish escape from fish farms all the time.They knew that at some point the fish would escape they always escape,systems break down.All systems tend toward entropy.Then to act as if they are so shocked and can’t believe it happened ,when we know this is what always happens ,try to misdirect much.

  2. They are all GMO fish 👈

  3. History is Fake | December 24, 2019 at 10:11 AM | Reply

    These Frankenstein scientists have learned nothing from the killer bees, they continue to mess up nature and no-one is held accountable.

  4. One way to protect fish and wildlife in our oceans….stop with underwater weapons testing!

  5. Shut them down

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