1. @UC0_7WC8vT25O3Sk5hs6zDiw Wrong the Michigan *software error was due to software and not ruled fraud. It is not a party affiliations fault how each state conducts ballots on a district to district basis! If state software is obsolete, that is the districts fault.*

    2. ThePhobiaCrew….its only the beginning….. forensic investigation takes time. Arrests and charges are imminent, Trump is way smarter then you stingy douchbags give him credit for….

  1. I think the orange clown doesn’t want Biden to see the simplified version in colourful pictures the intelligence briefings have become just so this incompetent idiot can follow.
    As for refusing to concede, that’s shameful behaviour but unsurprising, we all knew he wouldn’t accept losing, even though he should be use to it by now, he’s failed everything and lost billions. To use his word, it’s SAD…
    Maybe soon he can be charged and join the 1/3 of his admin on the criminals list.

  2. Yeah. Trump must have seen this and broke the broadcast ” im tired of all these lies about me, fire Youtube NOW!” says a bewildered Trump XD

    1. I really don’t think Trump cares about cnn and their fake news. Everyone knows they are fake af. And those who believe this nonsense lack major critical thinking skills

    1. @Josh D no idiot,the voters decided. When it comes down to it , you so called “patriots” are just treasonous imbeciles. The dumbing down of America continues!

    2. Thoughout my life…from Chet Huntley and David Brinkley and Walter Cronkite and Harry Reasoner and (insert newscaster’s name here) has reported on the election.
      The media broadcasting their prediction is as old as the office. With the exception of a couple of times I can think of…they’ve been right on.

      This will all be certified soon. And Joe Biden will be inaugurated 1-20-2021.

  3. A selfish narcissist doesn’t care about the safety and security of the nation. If he cannot have his way, he’ll rather have the entire nation to go down with him.

    1. But it’s OK to loot businesses and burn police stations and stop citizens on public roads and break their windows and jump on cars and deface private property with graffiti and murder Trump supporters for just wearing a hat. That’s what the left Marxist do if they don’t get their way and hold classes on how to do organized voter fraud. None of that undermines safety and security. Oh, the utter insane hypocrisy!

    2. @grassy knoll
      You need to look up two concepts “straw-man arguments” and “non-sequiturs.” It’ll make you a more honest interlocutor and keep you on topic.

    1. @Toni Johnson yup. lockstep, project blue beam.. etc etc.. all kinds. CNN is a business.. all part of it.. in my opinion 😉 based on thier own info. lol

  4. Hes going to sell out info to other countries for the money coz of the debts he needs to clear thats y hes changing all the staff

    1. If he accesses Bidens Inaugaration and Transition funds wirmth the quickness he’d funnel every penny to a foreign tRump bank account.

  5. Something is going on when youtube is down, and the number suspect in everyone’s mind is the trump administration. lol

    1. @Clare Poirier Trump is trying to stage a coup now to stop any transition. Hence why he’s replacing everyone who are loyal to him. These next 2 months are so crucial in controlling trump and what he’s trying to do.

    2. @Anthony Davies Well, they can’t march him out while he’s still President. And publicly conceding is a norm, not a legal requirement, so hard to pin anything on him. He’s been doing that gleefully for 4 years

    3. I thought a “dictator” is someone who tells you what you must wear, where you can and can’t go. How many people can be in a particular place at a particular time. Can’t go to church? Now tell me who sounds more like a dictator? Cause I am almost certain that trump and the rest of our Republican Party fought for our rights as citizens to go back to work to support our families and keep our business floating and get our country back on track. Biden’s first order of business is to lock things down and start working to increase more welfare healthcare while at the same time granting up to 125,000 immigrants to come into our country per year which is going to be impossible to get these from good and bad. Wake the hell up people trump isn’t perfect but to think Biden really is a man capable of running our country blows my mind. This is a personality contest at this point and we all on both sides of the fence have been gaslighted by the media and leaders. If you want to see what America will be by July look at Australia right now.

  6. Feels like something bad is just around the corner. This man is very unstable and is capable of just about anything. I mean anything.

    1. @Tim Duggan There are zero counts of obstruction, If you’re referring to Mueller, he was asked bluntly if he or his investigation was obstructed in anyway and he answered unambiguously “no”. Please point to one specific count of obstruction instead of a vague general statement. The emoluments argument is a joke, Trump owns hotels those in no way classifies as taking foreign money. And the hatch act holds zero weight, please name one person that’s ever been prosecuted under the hatch act, you have no clue what you’re talking about guy

  7. Trump: Hillary took too long to give up the election
    Also Trump: I’ll hide in my bunker and refuse to acknowledge I lost

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