Why Flailing Republicans Are Lying About Roe v. Wade | All In | MSNBC

Why Flailing Republicans Are Lying About Roe v. Wade | All In | MSNBC 1


Chris Hayes: “Why are Republicans like Joni Ernst and the President lying about something so obvious? Because overturning Roe v. Wade is deeply unpopular.” Aired on 10/01/2020.
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Why Flailing Republicans Are Lying About Roe v. Wade | All In | MSNBC

65 Comments on "Why Flailing Republicans Are Lying About Roe v. Wade | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Babies they don’t want to help after birth. Force poor people to have babies that they then can send to the military. Their families can’t afford college.

  2. Death To Ming! | October 1, 2020 at 9:35 PM | Reply

    I didn’t know Republicans needed a reason to lie. I thought they did it as a state being.

  3. I am always so disgusted at the GOP’s willingness to dictate what a woman can do with her own body, because they “believe in the sanctity of life”. But when it comes to the death penalty, or people dying because they can’t afford the healthcare they need, or even being honest about the biggest public health crisis in our lifetime that’s killed over 200 thousand people in the US, suddenly the sanctity of life doesn’t seem like such a big deal to them.

    • @Jedy S so my spit, snot, menstrual blood, blood, bone marrow, teeth pulp are all half humans? Cause they have my mom and dads dna in them

    • @Jedy S the first 2 sources of that paper is Marco Rubio and Donald Trump😂😂😂Fml. Go to college (again if u havent already) and learn about reliable, creditable sources. I’d get a D in college if I tried to use those resources 😂😂😂

    • The anti-abortionists out there do realize that just by making something illegal/harder to get , won’t stop people from getting them right if they really want to get one. Lol coat hanger sales will just go through the roof.

    • Donnie Pumpkinhead | October 1, 2020 at 11:08 PM | Reply

      @The Tweatles Eric Trump just admitted he’s “part of the LBGTQ community”. He came to his senses and is voting Democrat!

    • @The Tweatles and what is your point retrograde?

  4. It’s about consent, not life.
    Does the woman consent to her body being used, or not? If it is ok for one person to use another’s body, without consent, then forced organ transplants are ok.

  5. Thr Republican just lie , not a lot of Christianity in them .

  6. The party of family values is silent on forced sterilization of women in ICE detention. What is it with Republicans need to control women’s reproductive rights?

    • They are religious Talibans who want to take US back to the dark ages.

    • Moira McCleary | October 1, 2020 at 10:44 PM | Reply

      They’ve tried twice to over turn RVW and failed. The same holy rollers who want to impose their views on others are the ones who whine and complain they don’t want to pay for welfare.

    • Bono Budju they are pro-life for White people I guess. If a person of color, well not so much.

    • I’m male and I hate abortion BUT I will support a woman’s right to choose for herself.
      If you force a woman to carry to term, will you support her and the child? If not shut up

  7. Some people believe that “Life” begins when one first breathes, when one first takes in “the breath of life,” and that before the first breath, “when the soul enters the body,” one is “golem” or a soul-less mass of flesh. (Psalm 139:16)
    Of course, this is a religious issue, not something that our government should decide.

  8. SACHIN DHAMDHERE | October 1, 2020 at 10:04 PM | Reply

    There are no values left in the GOP since Trump took over.

  9. Four of my Four female Republican friends that support ProLife had abortions when we were in high school. And the biggest trump supporter had 3 abortions in 2 years. I never had one and I’m pro choice.

  10. SACHIN DHAMDHERE | October 1, 2020 at 10:05 PM | Reply

    There is no being pro-life when you support a guy who’s incompetence has killed 210,000+ Americans.

  11. They are unable to tell the truth, they don’t care about the truth, they don’t respect the truth and finally…………… *THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH*

  12. Barratt is a member of a “religious far right cult”, and she is classed as a “handmaid” under their rules!! WTH has happened to America, land of the free?? Not if she has anything to do with it!
    After all, any female member of this cult, is “completely obedient and subservient ” to their husbands, and other Male cult members!!!
    Is that who America REALLY wants to decide whether a woman has the right to choose???
    A woman who wants to overturn something that protects YOUR health???

    • Jo B ACB is a practicing Catholic and takes her Faith seriously, unlike the fake Catholic Biden. We should applaud those who are genuinely faithful and abide by natural, moral law.

  13. Hope Hicks who traveled with trump to Cleveland tested positive for covid 19

  14. Pro life but won’t stand up to Racists that want to take lives,. How’s that for Hypocrisy !

  15. Pro-life, except when it involved covid.
    Abortion should be up to the woman and man involved, and that’s it. Your religion has no say in it.

  16. Trump isn’t pro-childrens rights, he locked up how many kids?

    • Is it hard to not get pregnant? Use your brain!

    • SuperCorrector1 | October 1, 2020 at 10:47 PM | Reply

      Build that wall!!!!

    • It’s all about doing what the evangelicals want.

    • @Gina Kay it’s really all about holding people accountable. I don’t understand why being accountable is hard for some people but I also know a lot of people don’t have dads. It’s why Trump is going to win. We need families with fathers. The people who make money working in government want the family units to fail.

    • Obama began the cage policy – not Trump. Also, if foreigners want to enter the country legally to avoid committing a crime and being processed through a temporary detention facility, they can do what my family from Mexico did and emigrate via lawful means, serve in the military, learn English and be patriotic, law-abiding citizens contributing to the excellence of American culture and society.

  17. Pro life ? Why is so many children are so hungry in rich country like US ?

  18. Locking up babies in cages? something is wrong with this picture.

  19. Senator Harris said it best in her grilling of Kavanaugh: “Do you know of any laws that allow the government power over the male body?”

    Also, in my humble opinion, the whole issue of abortion is framed wrongly by the GOP since it views being “pro-life” as the direct opposite of “pro-choice”. It is possible to be both pro-life and pro-choice! You can choose to not abort your own babies, while also supporting others’ choice to make their own decisions about abortion. Roe v Wade was correctly decided in this respect.

    And we’re headed back to caveman days.

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